Airtel partners Avaya on remote work for organisations

Airtel Nigeria has partnered Avaya Holdings Corporation to enable organisations in the country to implement remote working and learning initiatives.

Through the partnership, Avaya will offer organisations in Nigeria full-feature access to its flagship collaboration app, Avaya Spaces, on a complimentary basis, through Airtel Nigeria.

Avaya Spaces changes the way work gets done, instantly bringing together globally distributed teams with immersive, 24/7 collaboration. This seamless integration makes Avaya Spaces easy to use with the cloud solutions that organisations already use.

Commenting on Airtel’s partnership with Avaya, Head, Enterprise Division, Airtel Nigeria, Oladokun Oye, said Airtel remained committed to exploring opportunities and possibilities that would drive learning and enterprise operations while empowering entrepreneurs, enterprises and students to become more productive and successful.

“Our partnership with Avaya supports key sectors by enabling organisations to maintain the safety of workers, students and customers as their top priority, while ensuring minimum disruption to everyday business. We have invested in building a robust telecommunications network as an enabler of business continuity. Today, this investment will support the continued delivery of services as well as sustaining economic activities, regardless of location and physical spaces,” Oye said.

Avaya Spaces is how to handle usual tasks, but also the unplanned and new-priority work that arrives nearly every day. Users can launch ad-hoc HD video conferencing meetings to bring everyone together, share and collaborate ‘in-person’. With automated alerts when someone chats or posts an item within the platform, Spaces makes it easy to stay on top of fast-moving projects and stay in touch with team members anywhere.

“With obvious use cases for schools, Avaya enables teachers and administrative staff to reliably communicate with parents, students and each other to minimise learning disruption amid the school closure. Using the app, students will be able to participate in virtual classrooms from any location, with the ability to download study materials and send assignments to teachers electronically,” Oye explained.

Since January, Avaya has seen an increase of more than 3,200 per cent in video collaboration traffic on the Avaya Spaces platform. Many universities, schools and other organisations worldwide have engaged Avaya to gain the connectivity and collaboration capabilities it provides as a solution to the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

Thousands of businesses have also moved online with Avaya Spaces, using the app to conduct virtual events, launch magazines, keep teams engaged, and enable business continuity.

Also commenting on the partnership, Director, Service Providers for Middle East, Africa and Asia, Avaya Sapces, Nour Al Atassi, said: “As the Covid-19 crisis has developed, we have reacted quickly and decisively in providing collaboration technology on a complimentary basis to help those who are most affected. We are proud to be able to do the same in Nigeria in partnership with Airtel Nigeria, which has shown its commitment to social obligations. Together, we aim to help Nigerian organisations minimise the disruption caused by Covid-19 and begin building a brighter future.”


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