AI is more efficient where humans are inefficient – Akinyele

By Oluwaseyi Lawal
Olalekan “Lexian” Akinyele, Creative Director of 7even Interactive Limited, has stated that AI is more efficient where humans are inefficient.
Olalekan, who was one of the panelists at the recently concluded MARKETING EDGE first quarterly virtual summit in 2024, gave insights on the theme for the Q1 summit.
This year’s edition featured three topical themes. They include: Reshaping Marketing Communications: Leveraging The Vast Opportunities in AI For Brands’ Sustainability; Strategic AI Integration: Why Brands In Emerging Markets Should Upgrade Infrastructure & Upskill Workforce To Stay Ahead, and Golden Age of Data: Mastering Data-Driven Marketing For Growth.
Speaking from a Creative Marketer’s standpoint, he said, “Artificial intelligence is going to help the marketing field and also sustain it, especially for brands. In the sense that it is going to be very efficient. AI is more efficient where Humans are inefficient. Humans, we are easily distracted. You know, machines are not. You tell a machine to do something and then it focuses on that and delivers results in real time. That’s why AI is quite different. Human beings, on the other hand, sometimes easily get distracted then the time to deliver certain things could actually be prolonged.”
The brand expert further stated that AI is like an aiding tool that is going to help marketers and brands get things done faster and also help in scaling things. He emphasized that AI will help in reaching more people faster, in saving costs and in better decision making.
“AI is going to help in analyzing data better and easier using certain AI tools to be able to analyze how people actually behave and to even predict their usability. It is also going to help predict the product consumers are likely going to want to buy. It also helps with better customer experience.”
He further encouraged marketers and brands to take advantage of AI to keep up with enormous demands of consumers and to build brand loyalty.
In his words, ” As marketers and as brands, we can take advantage of AI to be able to keep up with the enormous demands of the consumers and the users that are out there. This will help to be able to close the gap between us and the consumers and still make them build brand love and build brand loyalty. There are many tools AI tools that can help in aiding efficiency in marketing. We can also save cost because AI tools also help in doing things we might need to employ people for.”
Commenting on the future of artificial intelligence, Olalekan strongly emphasized that AI will take the jobs of people that are not open to the use of AI.
“AI will take jobs whether we like it or not. The people’s jobs that AI will take are those that are not open to the advantage of AI. AI is going to take your job if you are not open to how best you can maximize it and how best you can make good use of it. Not still living the principles that would make you stand out but the principles that would differentiate you in the market.”
“What we should be doing is to learn about this AI. We should learn about these tools just the same way we learned Microsoft Word, Excel and Photoshop. We should learn how to write and generate better prompts to make your work faster. Then as a professional, you should know how to tweak it for the audience that you are targeting. If you are not open to it, then I can guarantee you that AI is pretty much going to start taking people’s jobs.”
Over the years, MARKETING EDGE through the Quarterly Virtual Summit has continued to engage the industry on topical and thought-provoking talking points. The aim is to keep the entire industry well-informed and to equip professionals with the latest insights and strategies for navigating the dynamics and rapidly evolving landscape of the marketing industry.


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