Intel launches “With A Computer, You Are Powerful” campaign in Nigeria

In line with its ongoing Personal Computer (PC) adoption initiative, Intel and its partners at the weekend in Lagos launched a media campaign tagged “With A Computer, You Are Powerful”, to educate Nigerians on the usefulness of a computer.

Marketing and PR Manager, Intel West Africa, Adim Isiakpona, noted that the initiative was borne out of Intel’s continued commitment to the socio-economic development of an average Nigerian.

Isiakpona stressed that despite the dwindling eceonomy, Nigeria was still a booming economy with a vast array of talents, wealth, and brain-power that could create wealth for the country and boost the economy.

According to him, the campaign is a citizen strategy with multi-year plan with the aim of reaching cities without telecommunication presence through partnership with all the telecomm providers in the country.

In his word, “Nigeria is a booming economy with a vast array of talents, wealth, and brain-power. Intel is proud to launch this campaign to encourage ICT growth, and ensure that the power of technology is felt across all platforms in Nigeria.

“The campaign speaks directly to the relevance of having a computer. Inarguably, there are endless opportunities to be gained through the use of a computer, and we want Nigerians to know that.  We believe that indeed- with a computer, you are powerful.

“While a smartphone or tablet may afford you internet access and mobility, there are some things only a laptop can do, making it a necessity and not a luxury.

“The variety of content you can create through applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word is unimaginable. From editing photos and videos to creating music and art, a laptop can help you do it whilst on the go. You simply carry your office with you.”


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