7 Brand Building Tips on Snapchat

For effective delivery of brand messages, storytelling is being vastly deployed, and suitable channels are used to reach the target market. One of such channel is Snapchat. The app was set up as a platform geared mostly toward teens, but in recent years, Snapchat has added features that have helped moved it into a much broader space. Now, Snapchat counts 158 million daily users, proving a veritable platform that helps build other brands by reaching broader targets.

A global Brand like Coca Cola has embraced the connecting power of Snapchat feature to meet its targets on the go. But how can your brand join the league? The following strategies would certainly be of help:

Be Authentic; According to Chude Jideonwo, Snapchat stories provide brands the perfect opportunity to showcase the aspects of their operations that people traditionally aren’t privy to. ‘’By creating authentic content that informs, educates and entertains on these platforms, you can increase brand affinity. In addition, you can showcase your people and culture on these platforms to increase brand trust and love.”

Be consistent; Consistency and ongoing activity is key. Inundate your account with your brand story on a daily basis. And let you messages be on same wave length with one another so that the customers won’t be confused.

Giveaways; consumers love freebies, especially Nigerians. Your brand can offer free gifts to consumers while asking them to snap and show why they think they deserve the gift. For instance, an airline company can offer free flight, while asking passengers to upload snaps of why they deserve it.

Deploy teasing Tips with mini movies; Snapchat is a veritable platform to tease the audience. It provides a limited amount of time. So giving out tips gives viewers incentive to follow you and check out your content.

Custom filters; When Drake released his latest album, Views, exclusively on iTunes, he had a custom filter on Snapchat for about 3-4 days. Naturally celebrities, bloggers, and fans used it for fun and it unexpectedly helped Drake promote the crap out of his new album. That’s millions of organic views that got people talking about Views.

Provide Exclusive Content; The usual easy way out is having someone with a big following to cross promote your handle. Since this can be challenging or expensive for smaller brands, a more organic way of building your brand is to offer exclusive content only through these channels. Entice prospects, customers and fans to follow these channels solely based on the content, info, tips, etc. that you only offer there.

Snapchat takeovers; This is a great way to raise awareness about your brand because you have access to other follower’s followers when you takeover someone else’s Snapchat for the day. Since sharing is caring, be sure to exchange the love and let people take over your Snapchat too.


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