X3M Ideas acquires Glo Fibre Optic Internet to enhance business operations

Leading Nigerian creative powerhouse, X3M Ideas, has commissioned a multi-million naira Glo fibre optic internet connection for its offices to enhance their business operations going forward.

The Lagos agency took the decision to do this as the reality of Work From Home continues to be part of its lives in Nigeria and globally, as a result of the new-normal environment fostered on the industry by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explaining the rationale for the multimillion-naira investment in an environment where businesses are cutting costs, Steve Babaeko, CEO, X3M Ideas group, said: “After the initial lockdown and people returned to work, we saw the flattening of the COVID-19 pandemic curve. Unfortunately, the numbers started to rise again. So in view of this, our ‘people before profit’ mantra compelled us to ‘think outside of the box’ as we always desire to place the safety of our personnel, clients and their families first.”

This, according to Babaeko, left X3M Ideas with no option than to get the most dependable fibre optic internet connectivity in place for its staff and clients across the world to ensure smooth and seamless business operations, virtual meetings with clients and between the main office here in Lagos and offices across Africa such as our South Central African offices in Lusaka and Zambia, including Accra, Ghana.

“The Fibre optic internet connection from Globacom hub at Adeola Odeku on Victoria Island all the way to X3M Ideas Headquarters at Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos will enhance our virtual meetings across all geographies”, Steve noted with satisfaction, adding that “it’s a worthwhile investment and it’s the sure way to go”.

“Investment in digital infrastructure in this era of global pandemic is a no brainer”, according to Babaeko, “especially if you place the requisite value on the lives of people in your organisation, your clients, as well as making the businesses future proof”.

Pointedly, Steve, who is also the President of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN), noted: “The investment in the Glo Fibre Optic connectivity has “resulted in a very significant improvement in the internet connection at our office, which has in turn contributed to a high level of productivity at work. The COVID-19 pandemic is actually a call on all to deepen our Internet of things (IoT) efforts by making the right investments in technology.”

Founded about eight years ago, X3M Ideas has spin-off businesses in media; Media 100, Music; X3M Music, Production; Zero Degrees among others.  The International creative powerhouse has full-fledged offices in Lusaka and Zambia to take care of the South Central African market, and Accra, Ghana for the other parts of West Africa and East Africa.


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