We are at the right time and right place to take over – Jane Maduegbuna

The Executive Director, Afrinolly Creative Hub, Jane Maduegbuna has taken a critical assessment of Nigeria’s creative industry and observed that the entertainment industry with its preponderance of talents locally and in the Diaspora should naturally drive brand marketing.

Providing answers to MARKETING EDGE enquiries during a recent interview in Lagos, Maduegbuna noted that the Nigerian space is fertile and conducive enough for talents within it to blossom. She gave deep insights into the evolution and exponential growth the creative industry noting the significant contributions of Nigerians who had western education.

Hear her: “I believe that the creative industry is propelling forward. I think we are way better than we were years back and we seem to have a voracious capacity to do better. Especially with the influx of creatives who have schooled abroad coming in, bringing best practices within the ecosystem and partnering with up and coming creatives within the system.

She continued: “We have the stories and they are coming with the best practices for shoots. Partnering together, we seem to have experience an explosion of better cinematography, better sound, helping to engage the stories we have already on ground. My assessment is we are amazing and we have a capacity to be equally more amazing.”

On her assessment of the entertainment industry viz-a-viz other creative industries like Hollywood, Bollywood e.t.c, the hardworking boss of Afrinolly had this to say: “You can see all the laurels that are being accumulated by Nigerians outside, in Diaspora. That speaks a lot that tells you whatever it is you need to know about about how we are faring. We are doing great, you see Nigerian movies now making it into the Oscars, you see Nigerian content being accepted into Netflix. They are signs you see and you know that is a sign of an industry that is set to explode.”
Lending her two cents on the relationship between entertainment and brand marketing, the quintessential amazon was quick to point to its symbiotic nature.

“All the influencers are within the entertainment sectors. Everybody in to marketing and branding knows that if you want to go after your consumers, you go to the person that warehouses them, so you engage the influencers and the influencers bring them to you and everybody is happy,” she explained.

The trained lawyer and creative content enthusiast further revealed that Afrinolly creative hub was borne out of necessity to take advantage of technology for the betterment of the creative sector.

In her own words: “Afrinolly creative hub is more like an answer for the opportunities within the creative system. We sought to use technology, digital means, innovative means to solve the issues, the challenges we’ve seen within the creative sector we have always believed that technology makes things better, faster, cheaper, easily accessible. In whatever we innovate or are involved with, we always look at that technological aspect of it. Don’t forget our business started from IT,” she noted.

“I think our time is here, that is what I will say. We still have a little more to learn. I believe that we are at the right time and right place to actually take over,” she concluded


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