Wales International Schools assure parents of quality education

By Oghale Mafuru, Felicia Nwosu

With a well-furnished educational facilities, state-of-the-art laboratory and ultra-modern library, Wales International schools have assured Nigerians of high quality educational standard in a conducive and convenient ambience.

Speaking with MARKETING EDGE, Adewale Aderibigbe, principal of Wales International schools affirmed that the school is committed to the overall development of students as it is equipped to provide them with the fundamental knowledge and skills to be productive and responsible individuals.

He said: “Wales also runs an international standard known as the British Curriculum. We have a standard laboratory for physics, biology and chemistry and it can take up to 30 students at a go.We also have approved facilities by National Examination Council of Nigeria, NECO and WAEC. I can remember vividly, the first examination that was done, we had 98%average pass,in all the subjects while all the students got admitted into the universities of their choice the same year, without spending extra year for another sitting, and subsequently we will be having averagely from 85-95% success”.

Speaking further on the academic performance of students, the principal noted that ” The last examination that was done, all the students recorded five credits in both Maths and English language just in one examination sitting.This success is the outcome of employing qualified staff as teachers.We have qualified and experienced teachers.The least qualification you can get among them is degree. We don’t employ NCE not even for the primary level. We engage in extracurricular activities,such as sports,life skills and mentoring skills which is our selling point”.

Also speaking, the admin officer of the school, Adewale Akingbade stated that students are taught life skills that will be immensely beneficial to them outside the walls of the school.

“Regarding the life skill, we have various sessions which we categorized into groups.We have shopping where we teach or allow the children learn how to do shopping by taking them out to different shopping malls and other popular markets around, just to instill into them, the concept of price bargaining when shopping. We also have another one that has to do with the practical aspect of engineering, we have buses within the premises where we train them on minor learnings like changing of tyres, this is a skill that they also leverage in their own personal life and also use it to help their parents when the need arises.There also the money management session,where we tutor them on financial management on how they manage their finances.

While speaking on mentorship, the admin officer disclosed that the school has structures in place to help guide students in the right career path that matches their natural talents and skills.

He said: “In choosing career path, Wales International shares the same mantra with Liverpool football club,”Never walk Alone,
This is because the academic powerhouse walks through every step of a student’s academic journey by ensuring that a well defined path is clearly chosen according to laid down given by the Ministry of Education in choosing a career. They do this in conjunction with the student, parents and the school Counselor”.

On security, The Director of Education also revealed that the citadel of learning has gone a bit further to provide a well-protected environment for the wards, noting that modalities have been put in place to guarantee the security of students.

“We have a very effective CCTV, which faces both the school and the boarding premises as well. After school hours, they man the gate with the help of a tag, which every parent presents before picking any child out of the school. If a stranger is sent to pick up a child, we also carry out an investigation to ascertain if parents are aware”.

The school representative affirmed unalloyed commitment and vision is to raise global leaders that will impact the world for good as well as provide access to balanced education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge, skills and ethics necessary to achieve academic excellence and life goals.

The school which started operating in 2013 runs creche, primary, junior to senior secondary school. It currently offers boarding services in a conducive and serene environment.


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