Verve Life 3.0 treats Nigerian consumers to vigorous, healthy experience

To reach out to new consumers and engage with existing customers, Verve Life, an annual fitness marketing event by Verve, has stirred and challenged its numerous customers at the recently concluded 2019 edition. The event tagged #GoHardorGoHome# saw a good number of fitness experts, aficionados and consumers from all walks of life make a slew of valuable contacts and connections as they went about the vigorous physical exercise sessions. It was held at the Landmark Event Centre, Lekki, Lagos, and increased exponentially, the brand visibility of Verve even as it brought in lots of foot traffic.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Verve Marketing Manager, Adewole Adedeji, said the company was positioned to create convergence marketing by building verve around people’s lifestyle. He stated that the brand’s business philosophy is not to profit from any initiative that does not add value to its consumers.

“Basically, the strongest marketing propositions are those that are built around people’s lifestyle and interests. What we have done is to create product offerings that have interesting lifestyles in them because we believe that we cannot monetise what we have not humanised.

“Verve as we know means vigour, energy, life and much more. It is apt how we have been able to create fun around people’s life because Verve Life is all about fun, fitness and food. It is about healthy living. So, what we are providing is not just a gateway for our customers to make payment, but also something that enhances their lifestyle,” he explained.

On whether Verve Life has taken a life of its own, Adedeji said: “Absolutely. In fact, people are beginning to encourage us to take the event to other parts of Nigeria, especially in strategic locations. And we are looking at how strategic and feasible such propositions are. However, the key objective for us is how to get our consumers excited and how to make sure they always prefer our card payment platform to other alternative brands.”

He added: “Transition from non-digital to digital platforms is actually growing. I am aware that cash withdrawal from POS is dropping and web transactions are increasing. You know e-commerce platforms are very aggressive and they are pushing really hard.”

On whether the company has any opinion on the proposed VAT increase by the Federal Government which many believe will discourage digital transactions if fully implemented, Adedeji noted that such significant conversation would have to involve all stakeholders.

“I believe the authorities will apply wisdom in that direction, but the conversation would have to involve all stakeholders. On our part, meanwhile, we will continue to give consumers the best platform to make payment and we will continue to make it as seamless as possible.”

Also speaking on the sidelines, Verve Country Manager, Ugo Obasi, said the Verve Life had taken a life of its own, hinting that the event might be extended beyond Lagos.

“We are looking at the best options available to take Verve Life beyond the mega city of Lagos. As you can see the initiative is already a success, but we will have to look at the feasibility and other details before embarking on any extension project,” he said.

The energetic marketing and branding event provided a veritable platform for creating product awareness on the Verve Life App which offers fitness activity tracker, daily fitness motivation, quick and easy online payments, healthy eating plan and interactive fitness groups. Intermittently during the event, consumers were asked to download the app which offers more than just making payment.

It was equally hinted that Verve Life may partner other brands beyond the few partnerships which it currently has going forward.

Verve Life is an all-encompassing fitness experience that combines exercise, fun, networking, healthy food and a lot more.


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