VerifyMe Nigeria unveils integrated ID verification

VerifyMe Nigeria, a verification platform that enables seamless, real-time identity (ID) verifications has launched a revolutionary product that will boost industry growth through trust. The initiative is backed by the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Bank Verification Number (BVN) and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Driver’s Licences.

The Self-Managed Verification Platform (MVP) is the first integrated ID verification and know-your-customer (KYC) portal in the country that enables seamless verification requests and real time ID verification.

Speaking on the launch, Chief Executive Officer, Esigie Aguele, VerifyMe Nigeria, said: “The platform is a proprietary solution that offers real-time ID verifications integrated with employment history reports and other key people data points to enable faster decisions for Nigerians to get services. Anyone looking to engage in a person-to-person or business-to-person transaction can benefit from VerifyMe reports. If you are an employer, landlord, loan or service provider, requesting a VerifyMe OneIdentity Report is the first step to a successful interaction.”

Explaining how the portal works, Aguele said: “Our OneIdentity Report delivers real time ID authentication with secure last mile verification checks that meet CBN tier 3, and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) directive standards. We deliver all results in one report or over API for our business customers. Our goal is to solve the trust issue so businesses can process and deliver more real-time services to their customers, while making the verification process painless and efficient.”
He added: “With our MVP solution, we are offering organisations a solution that takes away the problem of not knowing enough about your customer so organizations can approve them for services. Supporting this is our guaranty that our data is trusted and secure, with built in technology surveillance systems to prevent fraud during data collection.”

Since inception in 2013, VerifyMe Nigeria has been at the forefront of redefining the identity verification and work history reporting sector in Nigeria leveraging technology. MVP is the first integrated platform offering holistic identity multi-factor verifications in Nigeria.


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