Top five relatable Mothers’ Day celebration ad by brands

By Elizabeth Olagunju

There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood” – Elder M. Russell Ballard

The above quote underscores the importance of Mothers’ Day. It was, therefore, no surprise that the airwaves, both radio, and television were inundated with Mothers’ Day felicitations and programming on Sunday, 27th of March 2022, the day set aside by the United Nations for the celebration of mothers and motherhood. Social media was not also left out as netizens came out to honor their mothers or the mother figures in their lives.

Commemorative dates are always worth keeping an eye out for, as brands make sure to create unique ad concepts to commemorate the occasion. Brands were not left out of the Mother’s Day celebrations, as many came up with fantastically imaginative ads to commemorate the occasion. Let’s have a look at five of the most relatable mother’s day ads from brands.

2Sure: The 2sure Happy Mothers’ Day ad ran along the idea of the times our mothers are sarcastic when they reply and the times they ensure that we do the right thing. The concept and copy are both interesting and easily relatable.

“When you ask her where to drop something and she says drop it on my head now”, “I didn’t kill my mother so you cannot and will not kill me”, “Is this how you will be doing in your husband house” “Remember where you are coming from” “We say thank you for ensuring we did the right things for our well being. Happy Mother’s Day”

The copy’s illustrations were quite funny too because it’s like listening to the typical Nigerian mother speaking, which makes the ad so relatable and interesting. The ad sure reinforced the message.

Fidelity Bank: Fidelity bank took us down memory lane to our childhood days to depict how the lessons they taught us remain evergreen in our minds.  “Bring it let me keep it for you-Our first lesson in finance” “If I hear Peem- The first lesson in manners” “How many times do your friends come to your house to visit you- The first lesson in self-control” “You’re the most beautiful child in the world- First lesson on self-worth.” It is safe to say they did a good job. Cheers to all mothers out there.

The graphics, copies, and overall concept were great and very interesting.

Lacasera– This brand really took the words out of our mouths and gave us a Happy Mothers’ Day message. In the message, a bottle of Lacasera can be seen in the graphic with the word “Mother” written on the bottle and the copy “You are the real apple of our eyes. Happy Mother’s Day”, “We love you Mom”, written beside the bottle.

The concept, graphics, and copy are simple and easily relatable.  The message was simple, elegant, relatable, and on point.

Leadway Assurance: This brand employed curiosity and suspense to drive home its message. The ad was quite intriguing, as the first graphic had the copy ” 3 things surer than Mother’s Love” Who won’t be curious to see whether there is anything surer than mother’s love? So you can’t help but swipe to the next graphic and see these things. Then you swipe and see a graphic with just “1” written on it. Same with the second and third graphic and alas the last graphic has the image of a mother and child along with the copy “Nothing is surer than a mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day” Truly nothing is surer than a mother’s love.

First Bank: What’s there not to love about First Bank’s Happy mother’s day ad. The copy and illustration were on point. It is poetic and employs captivating imagery. You can hear the sounds of a heart beating, with a heart rate sign around a mother’s image and the copy “Your heartbeat matches mine, your care is second to none and your love gives me the courage to keep going. Happy Mother’s Day” This is a beautiful one and so relatable.

Nothing, I mean nothing, really compares to a mother’s love!


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