TikTok joins Loeries as official digital category partner

By Zion Rufus

TikTok for Business is partnering with The Loeries 2023 as the official digital category partner. The collaboration aims to celebrate outstanding digital creativity across Africa and the Middle East as The Loeries marks its 45th year of recognizing and rewarding creative excellence.

As part of the partnership, various initiatives will be launched, including a search for the most innovative content creators from the region. Additionally, a masterclass will be conducted during Loeries Creative Week, focusing on how brands can effectively leverage the power of the TikTok platform to engage with consumers across the region.

Greg Bailie, Sales Lead, Global Business Solutions, TikTok – Sub Saharan Africa, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The TikTok community is a never-ending source of inspiration and creativity, and the participatory nature of the platform has created an entirely new way for brands to engage with creators and connect with diverse audiences.”

The mission of TikTok, which is to inspire creativity, strongly aligns with The Loeries’ objective of promoting creative excellence in the Africa and Middle East region. Bailie added, “The Loeries’ purpose of rewarding creativity goes hand in hand with our mission to inspire creativity and bring joy. We’re looking forward to seeing the creative community come together to celebrate talent from across the region at this year’s edition.”

The digital category at The Loeries has expanded to include several new sub-categories, such as web browser-based experiences, digital applications and interactive tools, co-creation and user-generated content, use of influencers, use of AI, use of metaverse, AR and VR, and games and gamification.

Loeries CEO Preetesh Sewraj highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “The Loeries celebrates creative excellence, and our mission is to grow the innovative use of creativity in the region. TikTok’s sponsorship of the Digital category not only perfectly aligns with our mission, but this partnership will also provide valuable insights into the future of digital creativity and how brands and agencies can leverage this knowledge to create impactful work.”

TikTok, known as the leading destination for short-form mobile video, boasts over a billion users worldwide. The collaboration between TikTok and The Loeries began in 2021, and now enters its third year. This year’s partnership promises to deliver even greater value to brands and agencies participating in Loeries Creative Week, providing them with a wealth of information and inspiration.


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