Stacey Mukasa: A passionate brand builder and mentor for multicultural future leaders

By Anietie Udoh

At the recently concluded Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2024, Stacey Mukasa, an award-winning brand builder and, most recently, a Brand Director at Procter & Gamble, shared her fervent dedication to brand building and mentoring future leaders, particularly those from multicultural backgrounds.

With a track record of leading strategy, innovation, and communication for multi-billion-dollar portfolios, Mukasa’s work empowers consumers to express their individuality and confidence. Her vision extends beyond her previous roles; she aspires to become a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) one day, with a clear commitment to brands she feels passionately about.

“I am a brand builder. I want to be a CMO someday,” Mukasa expressed. “But in my career, I definitely want to be selling products and building brands that I feel passionate about.”

Mukasa’s purpose goes beyond personal ambition. She is deeply committed to inspiring and uplifting the next generation of brand builders, especially those from multicultural backgrounds. She acknowledges the unique challenges faced by minority professionals in the industry and aims to support them in finding their passion and purpose.

“Sometimes there is a price of martyrdom that some of us have to pay that seems a little bit high and distracts a lot of people from their purpose,” Mukasa noted. “But being able to see underrepresented brand builders find their passion is something that really makes me tick and makes me show up to work, apart from delivering exceptional products to consumers and overdelivering on targets for organizations.”

As a mentor, Mukasa is known for her candid but fair feedback, aimed at helping her mentees grow and excel. “For all of my mentees, sometimes I give them tough feedback, but it’s always fair. It’s all to make them better. It’s something I am very passionate about,” she explained.

Reflecting on her journey, Mukasa shared insights on overcoming fear and seizing opportunities. She recounted attending a talk by Fernando Machado at Cannes, which emphasized the importance of facing fears head-on. This lesson resonated deeply with her, particularly as a minority woman in the industry.

“I think there are some things – some scholarships, some roles, some companies that I didn’t go after in the past because I was scared. Looking back now, I wish I did,” she admitted. “With regards to the concept of being afraid and doing it anyway; I wish I had enacted it way earlier. I’ve achieved a lot despite this fear, but have also decided that staying away from things because I am afraid is no longer an option that I am comfortable with.”

Mukasa’s candid reflections and unwavering dedication highlight her role as a trailblazer in the field of brand building. Her passion for mentoring and uplifting multicultural talent promises to shape the future of the industry, ensuring that diverse voices are not only heard but also celebrated and empowered.”


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