Ogunbiyi urges shared commitment, visionary thinking ahead of Osun elections

By Zion Rufus

Osun State gubernatorial candidate under the aegis of the Accord Political Party, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi has urged the respectable citizens of the state to let their political decisions for the state be guided by value-adding acts of dedication and democratic norms void of bias and sentiments.

The Mutual Benefits Assurance’s boss, who was officially presented to a mammoth crowd of well-meaning citizens of the state during a formal declaration ceremony at the Freedom Park, Osogbo, on Tuesday, 26th April 2022, buttressed the pressing need for the state to change from its current mode of passivity to audacious risk-taking for a better life and a secured tomorrow for the generations to come even as he canvassed for collaboration as well as a shared vision for productive transformation.

In February, a longstanding internal dispute had led to Ogunbiyi’s initial decision to pull out of the race. For months, the Osun State governorship election scheduled to hold on 16th July 2022 had been fraught with disarray.

The primary elections had resulted in Governor Oyetola winning the APC nomination for a second time; whereas, in the opposing party, two parallel primaries were held, with a faction nominating former senatorial candidate Dotun Babayemi, and the other nominating former Senator for Osun West Ademola Adeleke, the party’s 2018 nominee.

Citing glaring bias and injustice during an interview with MARKETING EDGE, the experienced businessman and philanthropist shared that he had been contended against unfairly, cheated and even blatantly robbed, all in his desire to passionately serve his fellow citizens.

However, as the Independent National Electoral Commission only observed the primary that nominated Adeleke, he is currently listed as the PDP nominee; as a result of this development, Ogunbiyi was welcomed by the Accord Political Party to pursue his political aspirations.

Reiterating the vision that “A new Osun is Possible”, he said: “We will all join hands, set the tone and achieve the urgently needed paradigm shift that will give birth to the Osun State of our dreams. A leading State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We want to collaborate for growth and development not divided by unhealthy competition or barren political grandstanding. We love transparency and accountability, not a system of veiled and self-serving secrecy. Definitely, we have unique and very useful skills in Osun State to enable us to develop and grow our economy and drastically improve our wellbeing.”

In his final remarks, Ogunbiyi assured the State of a better clime under his regime.

He stated: “I have solved problems for big enterprises and conglomerates. I have helped to drive growth and prosperity for State Governments and even Nations. Why will I not serve my own people with the talents and experience the Almighty God has gracefully endowed me with? Progress is determined by things getting better every day. I want to engage and work with dedicated and well-meaning citizens of Osun State to faithfully deliver improvements in people’s lives. We must join hands and run together to create beneficial impacts, achieve excellent goals and hone-in laudable objectives. We should not run against ourselves for filthy lucre or for money, from questionable sources.”


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