Sponge partner Swyft Media to Launch Branded Messaging Campaign for Orijin

Renowned drink brand Diageo and its Digital Marketing Agency -Sponge Ltd, have teamed up with Swift Media to launch a branded emoji keyboard and sticker pack for its highly innovative brand Orijin. The branded emoji keyboard and sticker pack include a variety of popular phrases like “Correct Guy” and “I no fit shout”, and fan generated phrases such as #SipsOrijin, #DeservesOrijin and #IamOrijinal.

Recent research carried out by Professor Vyv Evans, a linguist at Bangor University has revealed that emoji is the fastest growing form of language in history based on its rapid adoption rate and speed of evolution. The creation of the Orijin inspired emoticon keyboard and sticker packs are therefore both timely and relevant to the emoji wave.

When asked the motive behind this initiative, David Ole, Planning and Insight Director of Sponge Limited said, “We identified insight, trends and opportunities through online brand monitoring; Orijin’s consumers were expressing themselves through a new found language. This inspired us to create a roadmap for continuous usage within conversations. We thought…let’s amplify this, merge with commonly used slangs and make it mainstream. One tactical expression of that is the Orijin sticker pack.”

This new venture is an example of what can be achieved when culture and technology meet.

“When it comes to engaging millennials in social and mobile, brands and agencies have to get more creative and less obtrusive to the overall experience,” said Evan Wray, co-founder and vice president at Swyft Media. “Branded emoji keyboards and digital stickers create an effective way for brands like Orijin to capture consumers with content that they actually want to download and share with friends.

Sponge is at the forefront of this digital branding and marketing evolution and recognizes the importance of creating brand awareness, engagement and loyalty for their clients by making them the topic of conversation among this highly influential and social demography of millennial consumers. Putting a brand at the center of a mobile messaging or social conversation can potentially create thousands of brand ambassadors in just a matter of days.”

To download the sticker pack on BBM, simply visit the BBM shop and click on the top banner titled ‘Orijin Sticker Pack’. The emoticon keyboard can be also found on Google Play and Apple App Store by searching for ‘Orijin Emoji Keyboard’. Both the sticker pack and emoticon keyboard can be downloaded for FREE.


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