Sona Group Stands out at Food West Africa 2017

Sona Group of Industries has recorded a major boost in products awareness campaign as its participation in the Food West Africa trade fair drew the attention of large turn-out of consumers and business participants.

Also the group’s participation has yielded positive result as people have commended the group for producing quality products.

Showcasing an array of products from three of its subsidiaries –Food, Agro & Allied Industries (Sorghum), Sona Agro Allied Foods Ltd (Biscuits & Confectionaries) and Euro Global Foods & Distilleries Ltd -at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos,venue of the exhibition, representatives of the group had their hands full attending to the crowd of business owners, who came to enquire about the products as well ascustomers sampling the drinks and biscuits.

Mr. Subir Mazumdar, Sales Manager, Euro Global Foods & Distilleries Ltd, who was on hand to attend to those wanting to do business with the group,said that the company was using the exhibition as an avenue to engage with business owners as well as enlighten consumers about their products.

Mazumdar stressed that the essence of participating in the exhibition was more of giving business owners samples of the company’s products as well as make people understand what the company is all about.

“We are not really here to sell to customers; it is more of giving them a feel about what we are producing. Our main target is to get engaged with business owners who are willing to buy our products in large quantities. “That is the main objective why we are participating in this sort of business to business (B2B) transactions. A lot of people who have come in here are into B2B and they are looking at how they can grow their business, what they can do or how they can engage with Sona Group”, Mazumdar added.

“So far,some people have contacted our factory; they want to know what we produce and also want to buy products from us. Those are the things that have happened already. There are some people who have taken our contacts from here and we know that they are going to contact us later on.

Mr. Kelvin Diaso, a customer, said that Sona Group has fantastic product. It is unfortunate that the products are not seen in the market. All they need to do is push the products into the market.

“This biscuit I am holding called Aktive is crunchy and nice. I really enjoyed taking it with Golden Choco, Malt drink. I was hungry when I took it, but now I am filled. People would love to see this kind of product more in the market”, Diaso said.

Also, Mrs. Akande Olufunke, a caterer, said she was in Sona Group’s pavilion to take samples of their products, adding that she was hopeful to do business with the company.

Olufunke, who enquired about the source of some of the company’s products, affirmed that most of the products she tasted were of high quality.


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