SON, stakeholders to enforce warranty policy on mobile phones

With about 20 per cent of mobile phones imported into the country classified as sub-standard, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) will from July, commence the enforcement of warranty policy for purchases made in the country.

According to the SON, the move has become imperative considering the hazards such products pose to consumers, adding that customers must henceforth obtain receipts and a 12-month warranty on purchased phones, while unregistered brands with the SON will be seized and the offenders prosecuted.

Besides, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), while unveiling its support for the SON’s directive disclosed that plans are underway to collect the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers of phone brands that are sub-standard and render such phones useless for importers and dealers.

Speaking at a stakeholder forum on phone and allied products in Lagos, yesterday, Acting Director-General of SON, Dr. Paul Angya said the Federal Government, through the SON, intends to ensure the safety of users when using mobile communication accessories such as mobile phones and tablets through compliance to standards and enforcement of standards.

“In August 2013, our enforcement team visited the computer village to address PAPDA and CAPDA on the concerns that there is an increase in the influx of substandard phones which has proliferated the Computer Village market and the need for all dealers; importers to register their brand with SON for traceability and compliance with standards.

“He informed the members that the information on their product must include the following information as a minimum; the name of the manufacturer, the importing company with traceable address and identification codes which will be made available to the SON. Only a few of the members have complied with this requirement.

“After June, this year 2016, all proliferators of fake and substandard mobile phones and accessories will be prosecuted. Customers must obtain receipt and a 12month warranty on purchased phones. Any phone unregistered with the SON will be seized and the offenders prosecuted.

The SONCAP, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity assessment scheme was established to ensure only, tested and safe products are brought into the Nigerian market. All importers and manufacturers must comply with these requirements”, Angya added.

Technical Standards and Network Integrity Officer, NCC, Kenneth Uzoekwe stated that most of the issues bordering on network are as a result of the use of sub-standard phones, adding that the NCC will support SON in achieving its objectives.

“It is a well-established fact that African countries especially Nigeria have been identified as home for imported sub-standard goods.


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