Shobanjo advocates more wholesome, deeper creativity

By Felicia Nwosu

The iconic legend and Czar of Marketing Communications, Dr. Biodun Shobanjo,  Chairman and CEO of Troyka Holdings Limited, has advised  Nigeria advertising professionals to ensure they explore and infuse deeper thoughts and more wholesome creativity into the development of creative productions to help change the narrative and also add some distinctiveness to their storytelling.

The doyen of advertising gave the advice in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE after chairing the maiden edition of the MIPAN President’s Dinner organised by Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MIPAN. He revealed that he would love to see more depths of cultural thoughts and values being latched into the various campaigns for deeper impact.

“I will like to see creativity much more wholesome and much deeper than what we are seeing now. Even if you want to use our cultural values as Nigerians, as the arrowhead of our communication, I will like to see deeper thoughts going into our productions. What I tend to see these days is a lot of people using artistes to sing and dance, it has to go beyond that so that it does not become a question of once you have seen one, you have seen all. I tend to see a lot of that unfortunately.”

The accomplished advertising expert, who expressed his gratitude to the media buying association for the honour of chairing the event applauded the organisers for the success of its maiden President’s Dinner outing. “For finding it appropriate for me to chair the event, I am highly privileged for which I thank members of MIPAN, the EXCO members. It is very humbling. A lot of the people in that hall are people who have passed through me at one time or the other. Today, they own their own companies, run those companies and they are doing very well. It just tells one that maybe some of the things that we have done in the past were right after all, in terms of training, exposure and capacity building. So that is very fulfilling for me, without being immodest.

The Troyka Holdings boss also appreciated and commended the younger generations for ringing immense growth and development to the industry over the years.

“When I look at where we are today, and where I was coming from, 50 years ago, it is a different ball game. Things have changed dramatically and I am very pleased with what is happening in the industry. more knowledge, more capacity, more openness, all these kind of values are things that really give one the encouragement to even keep trying the more.”



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