‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not yet launched in Nigeria’

Amid the controversy trailing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones over battery cell problems, Samsung Electronics West Africa Limited (SEWA) has said, however, that the phone was yet to be launched in Nigeria.

A top official of the company who spoke in Lagos on condition of anonymity, said that the firm had postponed the planned launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Nigeria, because of the suspension of sale of the device globally due to isolated battery cell problems.

The source also pointed out that the company was aware of the seven-day ultimatum issued by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) for it to provide information on its compliance with the global directive to Samsung on the recall of the smartphones.

The source said:”We are aware of the ultimatum. We are discussing with CPC to resolve all the issues as stated”
However, in a statement, Samsung Electronics West Africa Limited (SEWA) said that its parent company had ordered a replacement programme for the faulty phone.

The statement continued: “Since customers’ safety is our top priority, all Galaxy Note7 purchased are eligible for replacement despite the original place of purchase.” Although the Galaxy Note7 has not been released in Nigeria, the current Galaxy Note7 users are kindly advised to visit the nearest Samsung Authorized Service Centre for immediate assistance about replacement program.”

“We acknowledge the inconvenience this may have caused in the market, but this is to ensure that Samsung continues to deliver the highest quality products to Samsung customers. Samsung is completely committed to fixing this problem and ensuring the highest level of safety and satisfaction for its customers.”

Before now, some countries had banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on airlines for security and safety reasons. For instance, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (US, FAA) had warned passengers not to turn on or charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on aircraft following reports of explosions from faulty batteries.


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