ROK owners, Canal+ Advertising opens N50m fund to help small businesses get on TV

Canal+ Advertising NG have announced they will help businesses to get on TV with provision of NGN 50million fund in order to help get them on air on their ROK channelsROK, ROK2 and ROKGH. These channels feature shows like Picture Perfect with Mary Njoku and Bolanle Ninalowo.

Advertising is key to helping you expand. TV grew 200% during COVID and the ROK channels grew 425% and are still growing, so advertising on TV now provides the greatest ever way to kick start growth. The fund is now open for business and the first to leap on the offer is cutting edge financial services company KWAKOL whose campaign held in April.

The ROK channels were taken over by global broadcasting Group Canal+ International in 2020 and their advertising sales arm, based in Lagos, Canal+ Advertising NG, is now offering smaller and micro businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the 70million audience they deliver. The NGN 50 million Small Business Fund will be used to help plug the price gap that prevents smaller businesses using the huge advantage that TV offers larger companies. Advertisers with only NGN 550,000 in advertising budget, can now get a 4 to 6 weeks campaign across ROK, ROKGH and ROK2. This means your business could reach at least 1000 viewers for around NGN150.

No commercial? No problem. The Squeezeback” option only needs a logo and product shot and is included in the cost. These campaigns would normally cost millions of Naira.

Reach out now. When the Fund is gone, it’s gone. Terms & conditions apply.

Tel 0803 538 2590

Email: [email protected]

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