Pros and cons of ‘No Gree for Anybody’ in the corporate world

By Zion Rufus 

While we may never be able to figure out how Nigerians uniformly agreed across borders that this year, 2024, is the year of “No gree for anybody” or, as others might put it, “I No dey gree for anybody this year” (a street anthem that means you shouldn’t bend to anyone’s opinion or demands or bullying), it would be nice to address some really key pros and cons of this ‘New Year’ mantra.

Particularly in the corporate world, where this anthem has also become the watchword for Gen Zs and Millennials in the workplace, let’s highlight how the movement might serve for excellence and also pose imminent challenges.

How would you like to be served, good news first or…?

Let’s put the cons of “No gree for anybody” in the workplace into perspective.

What’s the best way to interpret “No gree for anybody” in the corporate world?

“I/We are not amenable to any party’s terms and conditions.”

Now, that’s deep.

Agencies vs. Clients

Truthfully, it might seem like 2024 should indeed be a ‘No gree for anybody’ year, especially when it comes to how agencies feel when clients appear indecisive, continually change their minds, or provide excessive revisions and feedback. These issues can strain the agency’s resources, requiring increased time and effort on a project that may deviate from the initially proposed solution. Furthermore, it can stifle the agency’s creativity, as they may become hesitant to propose bold or innovative ideas.

But then, you still have to ‘Gree’

Being patient and occasionally yielding to the demands of ‘frustrating’ clients can actually foster stronger client-agency relationships. Patience allows for better understanding of their evolving needs, and embracing their feedback, even when excessive, demonstrates flexibility and a commitment to meeting their expectations. In the long run, navigating these challenges with patience and adaptability ensures not only client satisfaction but also positions the agency as a reliable partner capable of handling dynamic situations, potentially leading to sustained collaborations and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

For the good of the company, please ‘gree’

While independence, self-awareness, and self-reliance are valuable traits, it’s crucial to find a balance and recognize the benefits of collaboration in the corporate environment. Oftentimes, collaboration and excellence in the workplace require you to let go of your ego, pride, self-awareness, self-reliance, and the feeling of knowing it all while thinking you don’t need anybody. This applies both from business to business, employer to employee, one employee to another, and manager to employee, irrespective of how you perceive other people—whether they are good or bad—we need each other to grow and succeed in the corporate environment. This is because we are collaborating for the greater good.

For the good of your career, please ‘gree’

Of course, we are not oblivious to the consequences of conforming to toxic workplace cultures or putting up with an oppressive boss, bullying managers, and offensive colleagues. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; see it as a transformative learning phase.

Sometimes, navigating through adversities fosters personal growth and teaches us valuable skills that extend beyond the workplace, shaping individuals into more capable and emotionally intelligent professionals.


The presence of bullying managers cultivates agility as it requires swift responses and strategic problem-solving abilities. Similarly, navigating offensive colleagues instills patience and interpersonal skills, all of which are vital in professional growth.

Embracing this challenging phase molds individuals into better versions of themselves, equipped with the fortitude, adaptability, and responsibility to thrive in future endeavors.


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