Elareall Designs: Crafting Elegance, empowering women, and fashioning futures


Elareall Designs, a visionary fashion company incorporated in Nigeria, has been on a remarkable journey of creativity, determination, and empowerment since its inception in 2015. With a focus on female wear and fabric accessories, Elareall Designs has become a beacon of affordable, Afrocentric fashion, treating each client with fairness, courtesy, and respect.

A Journey of Passion and Perseverance:

Founded by a passionate Creative Director and electrical electronics engineering graduate, Elareall Designs began as a dream fueled by a switch to fashion studies at Abbi Creations University College in Accra, Ghana. Despite initial challenges and parental reservations, especially from her clergyman father, the Creative Director persevered, volunteering to train women in the slum and dreaming of bringing Elareall to the limelight.

Breakthrough Amid Challenges:

In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Elareall Designs achieved a significant breakthrough. After five years of struggle, the founder received her father’s blessings, marking a turning point for the business. From that moment, Elareall Designs became a force in the fashion industry.

Affordable and Customized Bespoke Wear:

Elareall Designs is dedicated to providing fitly and neatly tailored wear for women of low and average income, ensuring they stay fashionably trendy. The company produces quality, affordable, and customized bespoke tailored wear from various fabrics, including Ankara prints, cotton, silks, Nigerian prints, and more. Moreover, Elareall Designs actively trains and empowers women with fashion skills.

Vision for the Future:

Elareall Designs aspires to be an industry leader in the fashion world, revolutionizing trends, innovations, and lifestyle. The mission is to make quality female wear affordable, diversified, and Afrocentric while treating every client with fairness, courtesy, and respect.

Product and Service Offerings:

Elareall Designs caters to various fashion needs, including office wear, aso-ebi styles, Afrocentric attire, casual wear, and fabric accessories.

Awards and Recognitions:

In 2021, Elareall Designs joined the AWEC (African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative) community.

In 2022, the company received the Prominent Award for Fashion Designer of the Year.

In 2023, Elareall Designs secured a spot in the top 20 and won the Nimbus Aid Project.

Target Market:

The target market for Elareall Designs encompasses undergraduates, fresh graduates, party enthusiasts, and executive ladies (single and married), aligning with the diverse and dynamic population of women in Nigeria.

Revolutionizing Nigerian Fashion:

Elareall Designs is at the forefront of a fashion revolution, providing affordable and aesthetic designs within budget constraints, thus promoting and enhancing Nigerian fashion innovations.

Connect with Elareall Designs:

Website: www.facebook.com/Elareall

Instagram: www.instagram.com/elarealldesigns

WhatsApp / Calls: +2348074752256

Email: [email protected]

About Elareall Designs:

Elareall Designs is a Nigerian fashion company founded in 2015, specializing in female wear and fabric accessories. Committed to affordability, diversity, and Afrocentric style, Elareall Designs empowers women and brings a taste of class to wardrobes.

Elareall Designs is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project



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