Proliferation of foreign digital agencies, our biggest challenge, says Babatunde

Strategic Lead, Bytesize Digital, Mr. Dotun Babatunde has decried what he termed ‘proliferation of foreign digital agencies’ which he said, are now taking over the businesses of the local ones in the country.

Speaking to MARKETING EDGE recently, Babatunde pointed out that these foreign agencies come under the guise of a different company, but what they eventually turn out doing is digitally inclined.

He added, however, that it was very difficult to identify such foreign agencies because many of them operate without any physical presence in the country.

The Strategic Lead Manager stressed that the Federal Government should regulate the sector to check the proliferation of foreign digital agencies in the country.

”We are not scared of competition, but at the same time, if we are not protecting our own industry, then how do you want the industry to grow. This is the more reason why the government should put laws in place to prohibit the coming of these foreign agencies.” Babatunde added.


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