Prioritizing women’s safety through 24-hour road rescue plan

Gender inclusion and equality has been proved time and again to also be a great factor in achieving full human potential, sustainable development, and achieving peaceful societies.

Albeit rather slowly, the world is making progress as brands, organizations, companies, governments, as well as societies have embraced the idea of gender inclusion, even as they continue to sensitize the general population on how to stand up and further break the bias.

Although areas such as health, poverty, environment, employment, education and sustainable communities have been addressed thoroughly and continuously, one of the areas less explored is road safety; which begs the question, are men and women equally safe when using a road?

According to the World Bank, in terms of road safety, the implications for female travelers are large but, unfortunately, less evident. For example, mechanical breakdown of vehicles leaves women vulnerable on the road; female drivers are exposed to criminal acts such as hijacking, intimidation, sexual assault or worse when their cars break down.

However, standing up to bridge this divide by demonstrating its commitment to gender inclusion and the safety of women, Heirs Insurance Limited launched a motor insurance plan for women, Her Motor Plan.

Prioritizing safety, the plan offers its subscribers 24-hour road rescue and vehicle repair services, as well as access to an exclusive community of likeminded businesswomen.

According to the Managing Director, Heirs Insurance, Dr. Adaobi Nwakuche, the product is the outcome of the extensive research the company conducted to understand the lapses in the industry prior to the kick-off of operations. She stressed the importance of inclusion for women in the quest to deepen insurance penetration and she expressed confidence in the new product championing this cause.

She said: “Women face several challenges at work, home and generally in society yet they stand strong. This is what we are celebrating with Her Motor Insurance Plan. We believe that the drive of women should not be hindered by the challenges they face. Through this launch, we emphasize our commitment to making insurance accessible to everyone. Our message to all women is simple: keep driving, keep moving”.

Her Motor Insurance Plan is an affordable, yet holistic comprehensive motor insurance plan offering coverage and support involving the mechanical breakdown of vehicles. The plan also provides all-day protection and coverage for vehicles against road accidents, theft, or fire.

Other benefits include towing service, free vehicle tracker and medical support in the case of an accident.
Not only does the Plan reinforce the company’s efforts towards improving lives, but it also demonstrates its commitment towards democratising insurance through the availability of value- adding insurance products that are simple to understand and accessible.

Heirs Insurance continues to transform insurance in Nigeria by providing simple, quick, reliable, and accessible protection plans to individuals and businesses. Heirs Insurance underwrites all classes of General Insurance Business for properties including vehicles, buildings, oil & gas, power, utilities risks, among others. A subsidiary of the pan-African investment company, Heirs Holdings, Heirs Insurance is on a mission to drive financial inclusion and make insurance accessible to everyone.


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