PAN Nigeria ditches Peugeot for Higer and Cherry

By Janet Rojugbokan

PAN, leading automaker in Nigeria, has ditched Peugeot following a report of the sale of its Kaduna State-based factory. The automaker, however, refuted the claim that it has been bought over. Meanwhile, it emphasised that it has only ceased to be an assembler of Peugeot vehicles.

PAN added that its factory has evolved as a multi brand assembler of reputable international brands.

Pan Nigeria, which recently named Taiwo Oluleye as its acting managing director, said it would be rolling out new vehicle models designed to meet the high expectations of its target market.

After about four decades of running the Peugeot assembly plant, PAN announced it has opted for two Chinese brands, CHERY AND HIGER.

“PAN has already signed deals with leading Chinese companies, Chery Automobile and Higer bus company, which specialise in the production of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

“Cherry is a leading manufacturer of sport utility vehicles and sedans, while Higer is a reputable producer of mini and city buses,” the automaker said in a statement.

“We have a wide range of exciting new products ranging from pickups, buses, sedans, Suvs, and ambulances which will be produced in our plant to serve the needs of the important segments,” the statement added.

PAN stated that the assembly of multiple brands at its plant would increase capacity utilisation, create new jobs, and promote local content development.


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