Opportunity To See launches Last-Mile Tricycle LED ad

Opportunity To See, a top of the market out-of-home advertising agency in Nigeria, has launched a new innovative and high-impact outdoor advertising product into the competitive Nigerian marketing and advertising ecosystem.

The new OOH product, OTS Last-Mile Tricycle LED, tagged “VIMAX”, is an expensive screen on an economy ubiquitous platform that delivers great impressions on brand management exposure out-of-home.

Disclosing this early in the week, General Manager of the Company, Mr. Oluwasegun Adeniyi-James said, “VIMAX offers a large 26inch screen with capacity to display continuously for twelve hours non-stop”, adding that it works with a 6-brand cycle at the maximum of 10 seconds exposure by brand for effectiveness”.

Continuing, he said, “to engage the tricycle, campaign materials can be uploaded or changed remotely on each screen at their different locations”. “Each screen”, he said, “is remotely monitored for down-time and trouble-shooting, while each screen reports on audience count which is equally monitored and analyzed from a central location”.

The OTS Last Mile Tricycle LED platform delivers more audience penetration due to its nomadic nature. “Its ability to capture and count audience reached”, the General Manager hinted, “is still quite unique in the Nigerian OOH market”. It is also believed to offer the real lowest price per contact compared to other out-of-home platforms.

It will be recalled that the introduction of OTS Last Mile Tricycle LED “VIMAX” is coming on the heels of continued growth, resonance and relevance of the LED screen advertising which has been adjudged to deliver more gross impressions than static billboards.

However, Adeniyi-James said the introduction of the new product was sequel to a noticeable gap in the last mile of out-of-home advertising sphere in Nigeria.

His words: “This area is still green and will require great marketing efforts by practitioners and willingness to take risk by brand handlers. As for this idea, the dearth of appealing and quality out-of-home channel in the last mile encouraged the company.”

Other major benefits of the OTS Last Mile Tricycle LED are that the platform offers a veritable opportunity for targeted niche marketing. In other words, it allows brands and advertisers to speak to only those demographics/geographic that they want to reach for brands advertising messages. It is also believed to be cheaper than comparable out-of-home products while it also minimizes waste.

Some industry players and watchers who have experimented with the new product are unanimous in their views about the uniqueness and relevance of this medium.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity To See, Mr. Emmanuel Ajufo, not quite a few industry players and advertisers have applauded the new product.

His words: “From the few reviews we have gotten from key brand handlers, both from the clients and Media Agencies, commendation has been massive as they applauded its USP. Its cut-through in audience delivery, greater impression and closeness to the point of purchase impacts brand thinking and positioning going forward.”

The company stated that work on the new product was concluded last year October, but delayed launch because of the Covid-19 pandemic which did not favour all activities on OOH in the country and globally.

The company, which is still contemplating launching other new products at different stages of development, hinted that OTS Last-Mile Tricycle LED “VIMAX” was aimed primarily at positioning OTS as an avant-garde, innovative out-of-home company while setting the pace in the OOH market and its readiness for innovative ideas.

Specifically, OTS believed the over-all objective would be how to position the Out-of-home solutions to deliver on audience data and aid marketing planning.

About Opportunity To See

“Opportunity To See Limited is an innovative out-of-home firm with spread of operations across all major cities in Nigeria. It has operational offices in Kaduna, Jos and Asaba for prompt clients’ responsiveness. Its quality conventional billboards give that impressive opportunity to see, indeed. And it is currently re-inventing its business model for greater service delivery in order to growing clientele”.

On its projection for year 2021, the agency said, “2021 has kicked off on a cautious pace for our industry after the hit of greater part of 2020. In all, we believe the 2021 projection will be more positive than 2020, though might not be close to 2019 in performance indices. But as more brands release their 2021 plans, the outlook will be more discernible: possibly towards end of Q2 2021”.


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