OMD UAE appoints Farah Moumneh as General Manager

Farah Moumneh has been named General Manager for the UAE market, following her strong track record in leading OMD’s Strategy and Analytics offering, and contributing to key clients’ growth since 2007.

Nadim Samara, CEO of OMD MENA expressed optimism with her appointment.  “In joining the leadership cell, Farah is set to steer our clients’ growth, promote best practice across the region and guide our way forward across all our stakeholders. I would like to congratulate Farah on her well-deserved new role. This new appointment reflects our determination to continuously nurture strong, loyal and high potential talent,” she said.

“Throughout her career, she has worked across multiple businesses and sectors by leveraging data and insights to devise powerful strategies which have ultimately helped our clients grow. Her hard work and dedication have been recognized with several accolades culminating to OMDer of the Year in 2015. Her passion for building brands and producing future-facing solutions have contributed to her successful growth within the company, including her appointment as Head of Strategy and Analytics in 2017,” she explained.

Farah has been instrumental in transforming OMD’s product and coaching its talent to deliver on the company’s promise of being strategic, performance-led and innovative. In her new role, Farah will not only focus on leading key strategic accounts, while retaining her leadership on Strategy & Analytics, but will also be responsible for scaling key initiatives across the company, as well as driving new growth opportunities for OMD and clients alike.


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