Okocha disguised as a janitor in new Coca-Cola campaign

Super Eagles legend Austin Jay-Jay Okocha is cunningly disguised as a cleaner in a new Copa Coca-Cola Lagos digital commercial, and the less than three minute video is already gathering a huge storm on the social media.

The video was part of an effort by the leading soft drink company to create awareness for the Copa Coca-Cola Lagos championship, which is an U-15 football tournament involving teams from all over Nigeria, and to equally leverage its sponsorship of the event for brand equity. So far, it has racked up over 1million views on Facebook alone in just about two weeks.

In the beginning of the video the Nigerian football legend undergoes an extensive makeover that ended up making him look like an old, potbellied janitor. He was seen pulling a trash can around the Onikan Stadium, venue of the Copa Lagos championship picking up refuse and the unsuspecting spectators carried on like he was a nobody.
In some instances, Okocha interacted directly with some of the hundreds of students crammed into the stadium, he teased and kicked the ball around with them, yet none of them could figure him out.

In the video which was done by STB McCann, the former Super Eagles captain went into the dressing room and offered football tips to the teenage footballers who clearly looked bemused as the janitor lectured them on the tricks of the game.

However, despite being unaware about who he was, some of the kids were pleased to engage with the mystery janitor. Afterwards, Okocha went off to the pitch just before kick-off and played around with the ball.
The players, who already lined up, looked on with embarrassment as Okocha became the centre of attraction. Then he stopped, picked up the ball he had been playing with and then stripped off his disguise.

All of a sudden the arena erupted with surprise and applause as the multitude suddenly realised that the mystery janitor was actually one of Africa’s greatest footballers.

The success of the video with regards to views, clicks, shares and impressions underlines Coca-Cola marketing dexterity and its commitment to setting new standards in marketing communications in every market it operates. It also underlines the rising popularity of video advertising in Nigeria as brands seek new and exciting ways to engage consumers.

“This video perhaps marks a turning point for creativity in Nigeria and will most certainly inspire a new kind of thinking from brands and creative agencies,” Ganiyu Olowu, a brand analyst said.


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