NIPR to stem quackery in Industry

Mr. Rotimi Oladele, President of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), has lamented the increasing problems of quackery in the public relations profession in the country, saying the situation is affecting the image of the practitioners and the institute.

Mallam Mukhtar Siraj, a representative of the president who briefed journalists on the annual national conference/AGM of the institute in Ilorin on Monday, said that so many individuals and businesses, including big names, refer to themselves as public relations practitioners or outfits.

The NIPR boss said that the institute is set to reposition the profession, and that part of measures to fight quackery would include compilation of membership list, recertification of members and issuance of practice number for each accredited individual member.

Speaking on registration, he said that any unregistered practising member would be treated as practising illegally, adding that such people would be arrested and may be prosecuted.

“Information officers in the public and private sectors are supposed to be members of the institute. Anyone of them practising illegally would be sanctioned henceforth”, he added

He also appealed to members in Kwara State to recertify as members so as to become full fledged members.


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  • Olutusin Adewunmi | 2017-06-21 18:19:08
    The Nigerian institute of public relations is a body of that generates rules or principles that determine the behaviour of members. This body is charged with the responsibility of developing sustainable reputation, with the aim of earning understanding. Ethics and professional standards are vital to PR practitioners in performing their function of advising management executives about the probable effects of corporate decisions. Members of NIPR are expected to Observe and maintain the highest standards in the practice of Public Relations and deal fairly and honestly with employers and client (past and present), fellow members, the Public Relations profession, other professions and bodies, suppliers, intermediaries, the media of communication, employers and general public. The measures taken by the NIPR boss is a great one as it will improve the standards of public relations in the country. MASS COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT, CALEB UNIVERSITY, IMOTA, LAGOS. OLUTUSIN ADEWUNMI.