New sites video ad revenue and better user experience are real – Ovsianychenko Artem CEO of

In this interview with Ovsianychenko Artem, the of CEO of explains how the African market will benefit from the platform and much more.

What is Vidverto?

Vidverto is a video and content monetization platform for publishers. We were established as a startup in 2014 in Poland. Today we have offices in Europe, Latin America, Ukraine and Arab region. Vidverto is a big family of publisher, today we connecting with over 1200 publisher that provide us over 400 million of unique users. 

What services Vidverto will offer in Africa?

Our case for publishers – is increasing their RPM from the content pages. The gold coin of this case is not to increase ad spaces on publishers sites. We provide one native video recommendation widget to put in the publisher site content. Publisher just need to put the code in the content or instead one of their banners in the site content. 

Our native video widget is a 3 keys in the one simple code that will help publishers to generate new revenue and in-stream video inventory from their pages. 

The first is a player with excellent page speed Google Index 1000. Fast ad technology is a priority. 

The second  – is a video content is the player. We have own video library that includes over 10 000 recommendations videos from different categories. Even more, every publisher can integrate his own videos in the widget in a few clicks. If the publisher has own Youtube Video Channel – we connect in a few clicks all the videos in your video widget. Just choose those one you need to show in the widget. Plus, there are a lot of customization for publishers such as upload your own logo in the widget.

And the third point – our programmatic demand in the widget that includes top rates SSPs such as Google Ad Exchange, Pubmatic, MediaMath, OpenX and others. 

To sum up: In Africa we announced our Native Video Widget that includes player + monetization + video content to help publisher to increase their RPM by generating new video inventory. 

What is revenue estimation your company can offer publishers in Nigeria?

We already cooperating with several publisher in Nigeria. Our technology is helping to generate new in-stream audience on the site that is one of the most desired type of video inventory for demand partners. As a result our average estimation is a fill rate from 60 – 90 % for Nigeria Market. With average eCPM up to 2 USD that is *3 times higher as revenue that from Display blocks.

What services you have except new video ad revenue for publisher?

We named our solution Video and Content monetization platform. In means that except revenue we are carry about publisher content, better user experience on the sites, and make less mess on the publisher site. 

Customization per publisher, and user is a priority. We provide publishers several services on the platform that will help to generate not only money but to understand publishers better own sites and improve user experience. 

For example, every publisher can use our Site Speed service on the platform. It’s a technology based on Google Data that in a few minutes will analyze publisher site, and provide group of recommendations how to improve publisher site speed that is so important for better user experience and SEO. 

Ads.txt validator another service that is always open for sites on the platform and help to optimize publisher content on the platform. 

But the main point for us is a video content. It’s not about just revenue like you can have with outstream video ads. Using Video Widget solutions publisher is making a new step in the ad tech structure by generating new video in stream inventory on the site. It always important because it’s only the one video type approved by Google Ad Exchange that opens a new door for publishers in the monetization. 

Our services help publisher in the customization Vidverto video widgets on the sites. Uploading in the player their own videos, connecting videos from their Youtube channels. 

Last month we announced that publishers can put their live streaming in our video widget. It’s amazing possibility to make a new video stream on the site lovely by publisher users. 


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