Nestlé partners Starbucks to produce instant coffee

Having signed a $7B distribution deal in 2018, global consumables giant, Nestlé and reputable American coffee maker, Starbucks have shown once again that two heads are better than one, as they have combined effort to create a unique instant coffee brand.

Commenting the idea that was birthed February 2019, Nestle explained that the aim was to combine the expertise and uniqueness of both brands.

“The alliance set out on developing a premium Starbucks instant coffee offering, one bringing together Nestlé’s expertise in instant coffee and Starbucks unique signature taste.”

Explaining how the process went, Siobhan Gaudino, Nestlé’s research development (R&D) Category Lead, noted that the clear cut definition of roles and the presence of a third party served as the much needed oil for the wheels.

“We agreed that the Starbucks team would focus on creating new signature blends and roasts, which Nestlé would then transform into exceptional instant coffees.”

“Bony served as a ‘translator’, although we all spoke English around the table.”

“She helped each team develop a clear understanding of what the other team expected and helped formulating these expectations using a language understood by all.”

According to Mary Mayorquin, Global Coffee Strategy and Development for Starbucks, the combination of both brands would produce extreme uniqueness owing to the high degree of expertise on both sides.

She also expressed her excitement as it has opened doors for Starbucks to explore new territories.

“This is the first time we’ve developed coffee specifically for instant coffee and it was an exciting new opportunity for us,” she stated.


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