MTN complies with NCC regulation on SIM registration

In line the recent directives from the Nigeria Telecommunication Communication (NCC), MTN has disengaged SIM registration agents across the nation. This is in a bid to check the loopholes in SIM rgistration activities which give room for sales of pre-registered SIM cards.

Under this new dispensation, a better regulated SIM registration environment have been set up with approval of the NCC and MTN is calling on its numerous customers to only patronise the NCC approve agents.

Nigerian communications Commission recently issued a directive defining the environment in which operators should henceforth conduct SIM registrations. The directive specified the physical characteristic which must be present in SIM registration centre and required operators to disengage dealers, agent, and locations which are not approved by it and do not meet the said specification.

As contained in a statement issued by MTN, with effect from 2nd February, MTN customers should only register their SIM at locations with the company logo and attendants with the MTN identification cards. The statement added that requirements for registration however remain the same.

It said: “From 2nd February 2017, MTN customers will only able to register their SIMs at compliant locations. These locations can be identified by a conspicuously displayed MTN logo identifying the place as SIM card registration centres which are managed by personnel with I.D. cards confirming their designations as MTN SIM Card Registration Agents.

As such, the outlets of itinerant SIM registration agents and other dealers who do not meet these specifications cease to be valid SIM registration locations with effect from 1st February 2017.
“It should however be noted that while the SIM registrations channels may have changed, the process remains the same. Accordingly, on arrival at the registration centres, you will be required to provide an identification document and your personal information and biometrics data will be collected as the case may be, after which your SIM will be activated.
“We would also like to remind our customers that SIM cards active on our network including (but not limited to) those in mobile phones and in data-bundle devices such as internet dongles, Ipads, laptops, pint of sale terminals, (POS) Automated Teller Machines, (ATM) and those embedded in car-tracking devices.”


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