Price competition triggers innovation in the downstream sector as Mobil takes the lead

Poised to relate more closely with consumers and deepen its reach, Mobil Oil Producing has initiated an innovative and consumer-centric campaign tagged “Mobil-Plus”. The initiative is designed to enhance brand equity and create a unique consumer experience at every interface with the company.

The leading downstream oil marketing company recently launched the campaign to enhance its value proposition by offering free additional services to customers at its service stations across the country. Some of the free value added services on offer are, tyre blackening, oil check, headlight cleaning, and windscreen cleaning and so on.

To make the campaign a success, the company has held special training sessions for its pump assistants to ensure they are able to deliver the highest quality of services to customers and create a brand experience that will affirm the company’s leadership position in the downstream sector of the nation’s economy.

“With Mobil Plus, you get the ultimate fuelling experience. Our pump attendants are on hand on to make sure you and your car drive away with tyre blackening, a windscreen wash and who know what else,” the company said. The most intresting aspect of this camapign is its novelty and tactical acknowledgment of the regal status of the consumers in the marketplace. Expectedly, liberalisation of the downstream is begining trigger the long-sought innovation that will shape the maket for consumer benefits.

This campaign is coming a couple of months after the Federal Government liberalized the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry, and left the sector open for more players. Consequently, other players are exepcted to intelligently respond to this campaign and challenge Mobil’s pioneering role in innovation, service excellence and consumer engagement.

Mobil, is one of the six major petroleum products marketers in the country. It currently has over 200 retail outlets located in all 36 states of Nigeria; these include many state-of-the-art outlets. Mobil Oil Nigeria (MON) is respected in the industry for its ethics and adherence to safety, health and environmental standards. It also plays a leading role in the promotion and sharing of best practices in the downstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

Mobil plc owns three plants located in Apapa, Lagos State, that manufacture lubes, petroleum jelly, and insecticide. Its ultra-modern lube oil plant, with a capacity of 450,000 barrels per annum is regarded as one of the most sophisticated in Africa.

MON is the downstream subsidiary of ExxonMobil. The company has two other subsidiaries– Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPN), Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL – Upstream operations).
The firm began operations by selling Sunflower kerosene in 1907 as Socony Vacuum Oil Company. The company changed its name to Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited and became a limited liability company in December 1951. In 1991 it became a publicly traded company known as Mobil Oil Nigeria plc.


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