MIPAN Gets New Constitution

The Dr. Ken Onyeali Ikpe led Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria is leaving no stone unturned in an effort to reposition and strengthen the media independent practice in Nigeria. The association only recently secured a beautiful complex where it secretariat will be housed, and now it recently adopted a new MIPAN constitution.

This is part of efforts by the new executive to rebrand MIPAN and give it a higher sense of order and professionalism.

The new constitution which has been in the works for several months, was deliberated upon and finally adopted at the recently held extra-ordinary Annual General Meeting of the association which took place inside the boardroom of Brand Eye Media in Maryland, Lagos.

Commenting about the new constitution, Dr. Ken Onyeali Ikpe who is the President of the association, said the document has a code of conduct section that regulated the practice of media advertisers in Nigeria, “whether it has to do with membership or day-to-day practice or pitching or credit line or remuneration or fees payment, Dr. Ikpe said.

The reformed constitution has also clearly defines what MIPAN stands for, therefore expunges any form of ambiguity that was initially associated with the document. The criteria for membership into the elite advertising body was also clearly defined. Furthermore the new constitution stipulates the kinds of media businesses members are allowed to engage in and how far they could go in it. And of course there are penalties for defaulting members.

Unfortunately, like most other sectorial bodies in the integrated marketing communication sector, MIPAN is seemingly helpless with regards stopping unregistered media advertising agencies or quacks. “We cannot do anything because we are not the police, but we can recommend to APCON to look into the matter. APCON has the law to pursue it,” Dr. Ikpe said.

It could be recalled that MIPAN as part of the Extra-Ordinary Meeting inducted, three agencies were inducted into the MIPAN fold; they are SBI Media, founded by Rotimi Bankole, Charles Obi’s Mec Global Media and FCB Brand Resources where Violet Nath-Okoduwa calls the shot. The induction which was supervised by Dr. Ikpe was done inside the boardroom of Brand Eye in Maryland.

The association’s secretariat is located on 22a Olatunbosun Street, inside the upscale Shonibare Estate in Maryland, Lagos.


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