Melvic Gold Comms launches WebEx platform


Leading experiential marketing agency, Melvic Gold Communications (MGC) in conjunction with one of its key client, Pfizer, has launched a digital platform, which enables a brand to activate an event across various cities within and outside the country simultaneously.

The Managing Director of Melvic Gold Communications (MGC), Mrs. Angela Ukara-Makinwa, said the platform was an initiative of its client, Pfizer Inc., one of the world’s premium pharmaceutical companies.

Marketing there is currently run by one of the smartest in the industry at the moment, the Marketing Director, Pfizer Inc, in Nigeria, Ghana and East SSA, Mr. Winston Ailemoh.

Ukara-Makinwa told MARKETING EDGE during an interview at the just-concluded inaugural EXMAN Dinner & Awards; where she was sworn in as the new General Secretary of the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN).

WebEx is a digital platform which can be utilized for a product launch, event, medical lecture or seminar via the Internet from a host location, streaming it live to target audiences across other cities in within and outside the country.

Ukara-Makinwa said the platform has greatly helped both the agency and the client in promoting the brand within limited budget, stressing that it was a strategy that fits into today’s changing digital landscape.

She said: “Today you can do more for less, same launcher or Lecture host as the case may be, across 10 or more locations at the same time. That is working smart and delivering quality and consistency simultaneously”.

Ukara-Makinwa added that as the specialist is delivering the lecture, it is streamed live to all the relevant doctors in Pfizer Inc’s preferred locations through the use of the Internet.

She added that through the effective use of WebEx business is really looking good for the client and the brand.

“People are actually happy to know that I am not in Accra where this is happening. I am not in Lagos where this is happening but I am getting exactly everything that someone in the host city is getting,” The MGC boss said.


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