Meet MARKETING EDGE panelist @Inaugural Quarterly Virtual Summit-Femi Adelusi

Mr. Femi Adelusi is the Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of BrandEye|Mediaplus, a leading full-service media planning, buying and optimization agency based in Lagos.

The agency provides strategic media advice and guidance to its clients which cut across virtually all the sectors of the Nigerian economy to help deliver better advertising campaign results for their brands. It combines cutting-edge research tools, global expertise and its 20/20 vision on each brand, with an eye to develop winning creative and digital communication strategies as well as effective media buying solutions to build insightful and innovative media plans; with a tremendous keenness on building ever-improving marketing models.

Under Femi’s visionary leadership, BrandEye|Mediaplus uses the approach of better thinking which leads to better results, and deliberately seeks campaign insights which improve outcomes for its clients. Its key touch points are: Being Present in people’s lives (via media); Building associations and engagements (via digital); and being Distinctive while building interactive images/messages (via creatives).

Femi holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees as well as an MBA – all from the University of Benin.Before founding the agency in 2015, he was at various times the Head, Media and Marketing Communications at Guinness Nigeria, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager at Coca-Cola International, Director, Media Planning & Strategy at MediaReach OMD, and Client Services Manager at Tequila Nigeria Limited.

A self motivated man with a vision to ‘finish strong’​in his career, family, health; and to positively influence a new generation of business entrepreneurs and leaders in Nigeria, Adelusi is a philanthropist per excellence who always aspires to give back to the community and his country at large from the abundance of God’s blessings and favour that he enjoys.

Perhaps the widest window into Femi’s revolutionary and adventurous mind is offered by this thought-provoking and insightful comment credited to him, “Best does not exist; there is no state of perfection. Current results and outcomes are transitionary… Everything can be improved upon passion”.



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