Meet MARKETING EDGE 2021 Summit & Awards sponsor – Eat‘N’Go

Eat‘N’Go, a brand, whose vision and mission is to become the premier food operator in Africa is the Africa’s leading master franchisee for the Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt brands.  The brand was launched in Nigeria in 2012 with unwavering commitment and mission to bring with them the very best in food and beverages. With resilience and focus, it has continued to deliver on this promise by successfully rolling out globally recognised brands like Cold Stone Creamery and Domino’s Pizza across Africa. The brand has established its presence as a master deliverer of high-quality food and services.

Eat‘N’Go has acquainted itself with the knowledge of its operating environment which is combined with an intimate knowledge of the food service industry to offer various mouth-watering and pocket friendly delicacies such as pizza, ice cream, coffee and more in their various outlets across the country. Their offerings provide dining options for consumers of all types and every sector of the market with a diverse range of dining concepts.

A corporate citizen that cares, Eat‘N’Go has impacted the lives of its host communities and that of the general consumers positively with life-touching corporate social responsibility projects thus maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with them.  The business has also contributed in no small measure to relieving the unemployment burden on the nation through direct job creation and indirect employment via its army of suppliers.

Within a short period, the business has continued to expand its presence in key markets by fusing company goals with new strategic development goals.  Eat ‘N’ Go, whose philosophy is ‘people first’, has demonstrated this in action by creating  various channels for feedback purposes, in order  to help them know the needs of customers while thinking like the customer themselves.

The brand, through thorough market research, has gained a good understanding of the market environment. In its drive to make pizza more widely accepted in Nigeria, Eat’N’Go has adopted two main strategies which involved sampling and localising the menu to attract customers.

Recently, Eat’N’Go has achieved a great feat and milestone with the opening of over 150 stores in Africa. These new locations for Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery cut across various cities in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Since its entrance to Nigeria in 2012, the leading Quick Service Restaurant Company has grown exponentially and continuously nurtures the drive to extend its footprint across the African market.

The brand has also made forays into the East African market through the successful acquisition of the franchisee which has started operating Cold Stone Creamery and Domino’s Pizza in Kenya. This acquisition will see Eat’N’Go Limited become the largest Domino’s pizza and Cold Stone Creamery Master Franchisee in Africa with operations in Nigeria and Kenya. With this acquisition, Eat’N’Go has commenced the journey of becoming a Pan African company.  With a total number of 147 outlets across Africa and a projection to reach 180 stores by end of 2021, this destination is just a matter of time.


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