Meet MARKETING EDGE 2021 Awards’ sponsor – Bold

BOLD carbonated soft drink brand with four variants –Bitter Lemon, Orange, Tropical and Ginger flavours just as the name implies, is the drink whose name resonates with happiness. It is produced by the La Casera Company (TLCC), a member of JOTNA Group of Companies, a company that believes that variety indeed, is the spice of life hence, the churning out of various brands of carbonated soft drink for the enjoyment of its ever-increasing customers.

The company which has recorded so many firsts in its branding innovation and initiatives, busted its competitors’ bubbles as the first to introduce soft drink in PET bottles into the Nigerian market and the first to democratize chapman with the introduction of Smoov in the carbonated soft drink market in Nigeria.

La Casera Company (TLCC) disrupted the monopolistic stranglehold jointly led by Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and clinched the CSD marketing with varieties of CSD products. Bold’s lunch into the CSD space was an opportunity to provide consumers with other distinctive choice of drinks. With BOLD, consumers can make bold decisions that make them happy and also enable them to display their creativity in order to achieve greatness and fulfilment.

Produced by a company that does not confine its production to just one kind of drink, Bold came with the proposition to embrace the colourful side of life by launching 3 new variants of the soft drink in addition to the Bitter Lemon Flavour. Boldly packaged with distinctive trendy and shapely pet bottle, the tasty brand has Bold Tropical, a blend of fruits, a unique refreshing taste quencher with an indulging experience, deeply satisfying after consumption and the existing flagship variant Bold Lemon with the bittersweet flavour for those who yearn for less sugar in their soft drink. Bold Ginger is Nigeria’s first ginger carbonated soft drink, and it contains real ginger extract for an extra spicy taste and peppery bite, Bold Orange has that real orange taste with its unique aroma.

The products have been introduced into the market to provide consumers with rich options to choose from in the quest to satisfy their different taste choices. The addition of the new variants was the Company’s response to the quest of its esteemed consumers who have continued to enjoy Bold since it was first launched. The Bold brand represents all that every consumer requires to drive his/her dream and succeed. The heart of its operations is innovation, driven by the desire to continuously satisfy their consumers. This, they have fulfilled by always ensuring to satisfy consumers’ thirst and taste whenever they think of refreshing themselves and help them unleash their Boldness.


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