Meet MARKETING EDGE 2020 Summit & Awards sponsor – The La Casera Company

Incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2000, The La Casera Company (TLCC) is a member of JOTNA Group of Companies.

TLCC is a leading beverage company and the pioneer of PET bottled Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) in Nigeria. The company manufactures, markets, and presently distributes nine products, including its premium brand, La Casera Apple drink, across the nation and other parts of West Africa.

Its flagship product, La Casera Apple was launched in Nov. 2001. The phrase “La Casera” is derived from Spanish, and it means ‘A drink from the home’.

La Casera Apple is the first-ever soft drink to be offered in a PET bottle in Nigeria. It is also the only CSD with 5% real apple juice.

Other products from TLCC include Nirvana Tonic Water and Nirvana Soda Water, which were launched in August 2012, Smoov Chapman which was launched in September 2014, Bold Bitter Lemon Extra (formerly Nirvana Bitter Lemon) which was re- launched in 2015, and Nirvana Table Water.

TLCC has added 3 new flavours to its impressive CSD portfolio – Bold Ginger, Bold Orange, and Bold Tropical. Bold Ginger is the first ginger CSD drink to be launched in Nigeria.

TLCC has continued to produce iconic brands in a highly CSD market and the acceptance of these products is evident in the sustainability and profitability of a business of two decades.


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