Media trainers back Society of Nigerian Broadcasters

By Oghale Mafuru

Against the backdrop of the inauguration of the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters (SNB), notable media trainers have pledged their support for the professional body saddled with the responsibility of ensuring optimal performance of broadcasters in line with best global practices.

In a conversation with MARKETING EDGE, the media trainers asserted that continuous capacity building is mandatory to grow the broadcast media “as the media landscape continues to evolve with changing trends and human behaviour”.

Soni Irabor, veteran broadcaster and CEO of Ruyi Communications Ltd lauded the introduction of “an association whose mandate is to improve the quality of professionals in the broadcast industry.” According to Irabor, this will set a new course for the profession as the body prioritizes training and mentorship of professionals in line with the ethics and code of conduct of broadcast journalism. 

He said: “It is a very laudable move because we have been trying to set up the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters for many years; I mean for decades. So, for it to have gotten to this level, it means that we have come very far, and I applaud and commend the efforts of those that have steadfastly put it together to this level.”

“The Society of Nigerian Broadcasters getting a legal backing is a big step forward. We have been trying for many years to get this done. When something gets a legal backing, it shows there is a direction. There will be enough room for people to speak for one, issues will be discussed, and all interests, especially stakeholders’ interest, will be upheld and maintained” he added. 

On his part, Lekan Otufodunrin, media trainer and Executive Director of Media Career Development Network shared that training and capacity building is fundamental to the development of the broadcast industry in Nigeria. He further noted that in order for the profession to continue to serve as a credible, resourceful and trustworthy source for information, training cannot be overemphasized.  

“No matter what you are doing in communication, communication is very wide, communication involves print, broadcasting and multimedia these days. So training is very essential for every media professional more importantly because they are supposed to inform and educate the public.” 

“You can’t inform and educate the public if you do not know yourself. So, for broadcasters, it is even more imperative because you’re on air and people are listening to you” he added. 

According to him, the new age media consumer is intellectually sound and sophisticated hence, media professionals must continue to upskill and acquire knowledge in line with the ethical standards of the profession. 

The media trainer advised professionals to update their knowledge in the areas of new media technologies, facilities and resources in order to perform optimally on their jobs.


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