LIA offers 25% off entry fees, Emerson recounts Vegas experience

The LIA entry system is now open and early bird entries will receive a 25% discount off the standard entry fees. This offer will expire on 15th June 2022. All entries must be finalized by this date to take advantage of the 25% discount. Standard fees will apply from 16th June until the entry system closes.

All work submitted must be broadcast, published or released with client approval between 1st July 2021 and 31st August 2022.

Recounting his Las Vegas experience in an article which he titled “What happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas”, Digital Creative Director, DDB Colombia, Emerson Yepes Garcia said: “As everyone knows Creative LIAisons takes place in the “Sin City” and they say that what happens there, stays there, but I decided to bring with me everything I knew, heard and lived: so I brought friends from all over the world, I brought the conviction of thinking big and doing global work, I brought some tips to surprise the juries in the judgments (or at least not let them fall asleep), I brought that desire to experience the industry from different positions, I brought the certainty that my ideas can take me very far and the most important thing is that I brought my own vision of the industry, which would be my goal throughout my career.”

“When I attended LIAisons in 2014 I was a senior digital copywriter at DDB. After that I have had a career full of change and growth. I’ve worked for major networks including TBWA, MullenLowe, and Publicis. I was fortunate to win local and international awards. I worked on incredible projects and brands that today fill me with pride.”


“After all this, I returned to DDB as digital creative director, where I worked alongside people I greatly admire, such as John Raúl Forero, Paola Aldaz and Borja de la Plaza. Here I found the possibility to be part of digital, technological and innovative projects that I am passionate about and that are part of that vision that I was telling you about a few paragraphs above. Now, in addition to working for important local and global brands, I am part of the growth of new and innovative startups in the region.” 


“In conclusion, each LIAisons experience was a different creative universe, each speaker came from a different sector of the creative industry, which helped me develop the vision I am talking about. For all of this it was an experience that I remember with great affection, so I was not going to allow it to stay just in Vegas and I would love to repeat the experience as a speaker or juror.”

This year, the Las Vegas judging will be held from 29th September 2022 to 7th October 2022. Winner will be announced 8th November 2022.



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