Laura Oloyede Unveils Communications Hub Africa

Erstwhile Business Director and Chief Operating Officer of Cutler Communications, Laura Oloyede has moved on to nurture and grow Communication Hub Africa Limited, a public relations and communications outfit as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

The top flight public relations practitioner, who until this February was plying her skill at the Ivory Music House, IPM Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, South West Nigeria led the Cutler agency for over four years.

Oloyede for about fifteen years, at various times and at different levels was general manager at top flight PR firm, CMC Connect,  Vice President, Marketing Communications at Lekki Concession Company, Brand manager, iTouch Concept, Group head, Business development and brand executive at British American Tobacco.

Unconfirmed industry sources speculates that the rounded achiever in business strategy, business development, operational control and revenue optimization at both functional and strategic level may have landed an assignment along her pet advocacy in employment creation.

Laura Oloyede has at various times taken advocacy of relevant skill acquisition to solve unemployment in Nigeria.


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  • Hogwash | 2015-02-13 08:18:05
    This piece of shit is the most incompetent communications manager ever. The harlot-hypocrite has nothing upstairs but how to sleep with her bosses as a way of ascension. Dumped Lolu and on to bigger "clients". Lol I know, trust me