Lagos Tigers FC: Empowering tomorrow’s champions through youth football excellence


Lagos Tigers FC, an esteemed Youth Football Academy affiliated with the Lagos State Football Association, proudly stands as a pioneer in youth football excellence. Established in 2012, the academy is dedicated to providing top-notch football training for youngsters aged 3 to 17, shaping not just skilled athletes but well-rounded individuals through the K.I.C.K.S. system.

A Foundation for Youth Development:

Lagos Tigers FC was founded to address the need for high-quality football training for young talents. The academy goes beyond honing football skills; it places a strong emphasis on instilling crucial life values through the K.I.C.K.S. system, focusing on Knowledge, Integrity, Confidence, Kinship, and Team Spirit.

Strategically Located Training Centers:

With three strategically located training centers across the Island and Mainland, Lagos Tigers FC provides accessibility for aspiring football enthusiasts. Equipped with Advanced NIS and CAF C license coaches, the academy offers various training options, including private sessions, group training, school-based football development programs, and specialized camps during Easter and Summer.

Opportunities and International Exposure:

Enrolled players at Lagos Tigers FC benefit from highly qualified coaching staff and gain access to a spectrum of opportunities. These include friendly matches, league games, and annual international tours. The academy distinguishes itself by being an exemplary educational-athletic institution, adhering to Positive Coaching Principles to ensure a premium experience for all athletes.

Fostering Fun, Teamwork, and Life Lessons:

Lagos Tigers FC’s focus extends beyond skill development. The academy is committed to fostering fun, teamwork, life lessons, and overall player improvement. The goal is to not only produce skilled football players but also contribute to the holistic development of each individual.

Collaborative Initiatives for Impact:

To achieve their vision, Lagos Tigers FC strategically collaborates with both local and international schools. This collaborative effort expands the reach and impact of their educational-athletic initiatives, aiming to mold well-rounded individuals both on and off the field.

Connect with Lagos Tigers FC:

For more information on Lagos Tigers FC and its youth development programs, please contact:


Email: [email protected]

About Lagos Tigers FC:

Lagos Tigers FC is a leading Youth Football Academy affiliated with the Lagos State Football Association. Established in 2012, the academy is dedicated to providing top-notch football training and shaping well-rounded individuals through its commitment to the K.I.C.K.S. system.

Lagos Tigers FC is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project



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