Knorr launches digital campaign for World Food Day

In commemoration of World Food Day on October 16, Unilever’s leading seasoning cube, Knorr, have began a new digital campaign. The campaign which is mostly on social media like Facebook and Twitter shows that the brand will be donating meals to local charities around Nigeria. Nigerians can join by tweeting with the hash tag #ShareAMeal.

The brand has equally launched the Knorr Sustainability Partnership to develop a closer relationship with their suppliers. The aim of this partnership is to improve knowledge and equipment, and to help face the new challenge of sustainable agriculture together.

As a sign of their commitment, the brand invests one million Euros annually to support the initiative which extends to various ventures ranging from growing new varieties of basil in Milly La Fôret, France, to harvesting delicious tomatoes in Badajoz, Spain.

Farms that are most advanced in sustainable farming practices and those which have demonstrated the positive impact that sustainable agriculture can have on the quality of raw materials, have been made Knorr Landmark Farms. Some of these farms include Agraz in the Extrenadura region and Daregal in France.

The Knorr Bouillon cubes were first introduced in 1912. Now known as the Knorr Stock Cube, this product has become a necessity in many Nigerian kitchens as one of the leading seasoning cubes.
Today, Knorr brands are sold in nearly 90 countries around the globe.


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