KekeAds Set to Empower 200 000 Keke NAPEP Operators

As the year 2016 continues to unfold, one of Nigeria’s most innovative advertising agencies has said it plans to empower over 200 000 commercial tricycle operators through its unique advertising platform.

The Lagos based company which has a wide network covering all parts of Nigeria, disclosed that its newly launched range of advertising products are designed to reposition the agency for even bigger growth in 2016 and also enable it to fulfill its social goals of empowering more commercial tricycle operators across the continent.

Acoording to Esona Onuoha CEO of the agency, some of the advertising platforms offered by KekeAds include Advertising Display Panels, also known as Back Passenger Panels and Find us City Notice Board, Leaflet Dispensing System (LDS), and Automated Audio Advertising (AAA) System.

Some of the unique selling points of KekeAds are deep penetration and low budget advertising. With as low as N2500 a month, brands can take advantage of KekeAds’ wide reach and effective connection with consumers to boost brand equity and market share.

Indeed the effectiveness of the platform in engaging costumers cannot be overemphasized as commercial tricycle popularly called Keke NAPEP is a common means of commuting across all the states of Nigeria on a daily basis. Each vehicle conveys roughly 20 000 passengers monthly and the back panel are seen by multitude of motorists and their passengers.

Also in a recent statement, KekeAds declared that it plans to deploy more AAA system on 50 000 Keke NAPEPs.” That means we would be in a position to closely interact with over millions of passengers on a monthly basis,” the agency said.

But beyond the plan to expand its tentacles in advertising, the agency is also demonstrating higher of social responsibility consciousness by establishing a platform to support young entrepreneurs through the enhancement of access to cheap funds. “Another way clients could support this endeavour is to proactively support peer-to-peer funding initiatives such as and try to help the individual drivers who opt to raise micro credit to fund the installation on their vehicles. We would be able to ensure the repayment of any credit extended to our operators from the commission they earn from the system, They are after all, MSMEs,” KekeAds said.

“Since we launched KekeAds, we have empowered over 20,000 operators using our system. Each advert placed by client contributes to the incomes of the vetted operators from commission paid from the advertising revenue. We run a social business that sees us empower and improve on the lives of the most impoverished Africans through a social enterprise, ‪#‎KekeAds,” the agency said.‬‬


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