Kaka Omoniyi gets Coronation Grp appointment as Image Maker

Kaka Omoniyi, a distinguished public relations consultant with a remarkable career, has been appointed as Events and PR Specialist at Coronation group Limited where he will be managing Public relations and Events for all Coronation entities.

Having spent years at a leading global PR and communications firm, Niyi has significantly influenced the industry. Niyi has expertly handled the public relations for several prominent Nigerian brands, establishing himself as a reliable expert. His client roster includes notable names such as Nigerian Breweries PLC, The Macallan, Coca-Cola, MTN, and Flour Mills of Nigeria. His consistent delivery of exceptional results and ability to build enduring relationships with clients is well-recognized.

Among Niyi’s significant achievements are his award-winning PR campaigns that have garnered both national and international acclaim. He was instrumental in the success of major campaigns like the Heineken Trophy Tour, Gulder Ultimate Search, Star Live Arena, and the Goldberg Omoluabi campaign. These campaigns not only engaged audiences but also received nominations and prestigious awards, including the esteemed Sabre Africa Awards, highlighting Niyi’s creativity and expertise in the PR field.

Niyi’s proficiency in media relations has enabled him to forge strong ties with key media outlets and influencers, ensuring effective communication of client messages. His exceptional client service has earned him a reputation for exceeding expectations, building trust, and fostering long-term partnerships.

Strategic planning is central to Niyi’s PR approach. He has a knack for crafting comprehensive PR strategies that align with client goals and effectively engage target audiences. His strategic skills are enhanced by his ability to monitor and report on campaign impact, providing valuable insights for future initiatives.

Beyond his core skills, Niyi is a dynamic and adaptable professional, always staying ahead of industry trends and embracing new PR techniques and technologies. His dedication to continuous learning ensures he remains at the forefront of his field, consistently delivering innovative and impactful solutions for his clients.

Niyi Kaka is an alumnus of the prestigious PAN Atlantic University where he earned a fellowship in the Media Innovations Program.


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