Is Patrick Obahiagbon a Harp Ambassador?

That was the question begging for answers in the minds of thousands of consumers that have seen the new Harp beer digital campaign.

The campaign featured someone that has the same speech mannerism and verbosities as Chief of Staff to the Edo State Government and popular political character Patrick Obahiagbon.
But the real identity of the person could not be completely confirmed because the production deliberately didn’t show is eyes and forehead. The camera focus mainly on his mouth as he delivered his lines, complete with all the grammatical sophistry and nuances that leave little doubt about who the subject was.

It is not clear why the brand signed off on having Mr. Obahiagbon playing such unlikely role, that should normally be reserved for entertainment celebrities and models, but no one can doubt that the famed political is a man of flambouyant theatrics and charisma and this has made him one of the most popular politicians in Nigeria.

One analyst told MARKETING EDGE that Obahiagbon probably fit the role because of the image he has cut for himself in the political space. “Indeed some of his commentaries and response to national issues have sometimes gone viral on the social media, because of their somewhat entertainment value.

“So even though he is a politician, he is better known for the entertainment value and comedy he brings to an otherwise complex political issue. This is why people pay attention to him and that is probably what Harp is keying into as an unlikely opportunity to connect with consumers,” Ogunlowo Ganiyu, a brand analyst told MARKETING EDGE.

Indeed, the commercial which has been deployed on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platform is already gaining traction as fans of Mr. Obahiagbon, thousands of them, have already viewed the video and dropped loads of equally hilarious comments. Even non beer drinkers find the commercial very amusing.

At the last count, the video deployed on Facebook video platform have been viewed over 500 000 times and shared over 15 000. That is not bad for a commercial that is less than two weeks old.


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