Independence Day: Brands join the talk of freedom

By Oghale Mafuru

As Nigerians and the world over demonstrate patriotism and love by exploring the opportunity of the Independence Day celebrations to accentuate their desire for good governance,  infrastructural development and economic growth, brands have also lent their support for  the occasion.

To display optimism and exercise their fundamental rights to demand good leadership, millions of Nigerians took to the streets around major cities in the country to drum up their support for equity, fairness, and a credible electoral process in the 2023 general elections.

Arrayed in white and green, they restated the need for all Nigerians to seize the opportunity of the elections to determine the future of the country by exercising their voting rights and not give in to malpractices that will compromise its credibility.

“We all have our PVCs. Go and vote for the good of Nigerians. Locally and Diaspora. For me, you, and our children children” a man said

“Let’s leave religion, tribe and ethnicity. Let’s look at someone who can carry us to another level, who has the initiative to carry us to another level”.

“We are matching for good governance. We are saying enough of the subjugation, povertisation,  ineptitude, inefficiency. Of all the things we have suffered, the terrorism, banditry. All these things that have gone bad in this country. This is what we are standing up against”.

For brands, taking to their social media platforms with an iconic display of creative and aesthetic designs  arrayed  in white and  green, accompanied with captivating captions was a brilliant way to  encapsulate the emotive significance of the day.

Peak Milk , the leading dairy brand  displayed a tea cup painted green  with  the peak Milk pouring into the cup to create a white  border in between.  This was accompanied with ”  Celebrating the Freedom to  nourish” as the caption.

Kelloggs, a leading  cereal company did not hesitate to seize the moment as  it had the  two symbols of the Nigeria flag on both ends  and a place with a cereal on it.  It was  captioned ”  As we celebrate Nigeria today, let us remember that we are  united as one and we can change Nigeria together”.

Maltina, a leading beverage company caption its independence day design ” Today, we drink to freedom and happiness”

Access Bank took advantage of the moment to advocate for unity in diversity. With a picture depicting the multiculturality of the country, its captions reads: ” Let us come together to celebrate the freedom to chart a progressive course on the strength of our diversity and connections, building a future together as one people ”.

For First Bank, a short video of independence day greetings from the Chief Executive officer, Dr. Adesola Adeduntan was posted to commemorate the day.

He said: ” Today, we celebrate Nigeria at 62. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management of the First Bank group, I wish all Nigerians a happy Independence Day”.

Meanwhile, in a nationwide broadcast earlier in the day, President Muhammadu Buhari  who reel out his achievements congratulated Nigerians for the dawn of a new year as a nation.

He said:  Fellow Nigerians, I address you today, with a deep sense of gratitude to God and a high level of appreciation to all Nigerians whose tremendous goodwill gave me the opportunity to provide leadership for our great country at one of the trying times in her history.

“Conscious that today’s address would be my last on an Independence Day as your President; I speak to the millions of Nigerians, who believed in me, propelled and stood by me in my quest to bequeath a country where all citizens have equal opportunities to achieve their lives desires in a peaceful atmosphere.

The President seized the opportunity to reassure Nigerians that he will ensure that the 2023 elections are free and fair.

He said: ” Fellow Nigerians, no matter what gains we make, without a good governance system anchored on electing credible leaders on the basis of free, fair, credible and transparent elections, our efforts would not be enough.

“It is for this reason that I have resolved to bequeath a sustainable democratic culture which will remain lasting. The signing of the Electoral Act 2021 as amended with landmark provisions further assures us of a more transparent and inclusive Electoral Process.


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