If creativity fuels growth, who’s fueling creativity?

If creativity fuels growth, who’s fuelling creativity?
Accenture Interactive has been expanding its global creative family to offer brands a unique take on creativity

Creativity solves problems. It finds opportunity. And it fuels growth. Creativity – at its most powerful – is unrivalled. And that is why Accenture Interactive has been growing a family full of it.

Over the past 10 years, Accenture Interactive has reinvented the agency model. It has given creatives a bigger canvas to create on – and expanded on the power of an idea. By making a family of diverse, top-class creative talent, it has created a unique answer to chief marketers’ concerns. All this is founded on the principle that great ideas can transform experiences and, in turn, those better experiences have the power to change lives – it’s a big mission.

Accenture Interactive is using creativity – beyond just the advertising kind – to power growth for brands, using its pool of expert and specialist skill sets to achieve this.

The latest addition to the family is global creative agency Droga5. Its founder, David Droga, explains why being part of this new network is right for his agency – and its clients: “We now have the infrastructure to pull off the most ambitious ideas – the ideas that stretch beyond just communication and hit all consumer touchpoints. And that’s what every brand needs.”

Ambition. Beyond communication. All touchpoints. Every brand. Campaign talks to some of Accenture Interactive’s top talent leaders around the world – in Shanghai, Dublin, New York, São Paulo, Copenhagen, London, Hamburg and Sydney – to understand their ambitions. We find out what makes their breed of creativity so special and learn what it’s really like being part of the Accenture Interactive family.

Emma Sharkey, creative director, Rothco, part of Accenture Interactive

What is unique about Ireland’s creativity?
Ireland is a very small island on the edge of Europe, which might make some think it’s an unlikely place to find creative leadership. But being on the outside has meant that we’ve always seen things differently. It gives us a uniquely global perspective. Add that to the fact that we’re a nation of storytellers and you’ll quickly realise we can find ways to be at the centre of the conversation.

What can you do, as part of Accenture Interactive, that you couldn’t do before?
We are fortunate to be based in the same city as Accenture’s incubation hub, The Dock. This means we can collaborate on exciting projects that put strategists and communication specialists in the same room as programmers, industrial designers and engineers. The hypothetical becomes real very fast!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given to fuel creativity?
“Embrace the chaos.”

What do you want clients to understand about creativity?
I think more clients need to accept that not everything can be rationalised. The most exciting work is risky, because there’s no roadmap. You’re doing what feels right.

What do you look for in creative talent?
We take misfits, odd-bods and dissenters. Anyone who has ever struggled to fit neatly into a box. The only requirement is an unhealthy dollop of ambition and a desire to take on the more complicated problems out there.

Eco Moliterno, chief creative officer, Accenture Interactive Latam

What makes Brazil’s creativity so brilliant?
In Brazil, no matter what you do, you have to be creative to survive. From football to advertising, improvising is our best skill. And Brazilians are born prepared to create anything, any time, anywhere.


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