Idorenyen Enang unveils transformational initiatives for NIMN

The first Vice-President of NIMN and CEO of Corporate Shepherds Limited, Mr Idorenyen Enang has promised some additional priorities aimed at transforming the affairs of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) if elected as its President in the forthcoming NIMN elections scheduled to hold in May.
Mr. Enang, who is also the past President of Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) and former Managing Director of Samsung expressed his commitment to contribute his wealth of experience as a marketing professional towards the growth of the institute and its student members.
In a statement sent to other NIMN members, the Presidential aspirant communicated his professional intentions which included initiatives that would support the achievement of the set goals.
Amongst others, the initiatives highlighted include: Initiating a volunteer scheme for our Student and Associate members will be very much grounded in our ways of working going forward; and Establishing global affiliations and alliances.

Elucidating on the establishment of global affiliations and alliances, Enang said: “To make this happen, we will begin the process of initiating and setting up diaspora chapters. These chapters will become beacons to search and reapply global practices and also enable alliances.”
“This will be a core initiative we will pursue vigorously,” he added.
Enang who led a team to successfully launch a coaching and mentoring programme buttressed that the initiative will be further enhanced as a strategic exchange forum to build the capacity in people to become great marketers and business leaders.
He stated: “I have envisioned a few bold but impactful Signature initiatives that will galvanize the growth of our Institute, and also unleash the power of our people. For example, we will institute a strategic meeting point to gather our s/heroes (CEOs, CMOs, MKDs, etc) through a well-coordinated event that will be tagged The President’s Night. An opportunity to gain commitment and recognize our distinguished members in all works of life, whilst using the same vehicle to request strategic support to grow our Institute. This is just one of the few bold and big strides we will take.”
Spanning over thirty years, Enang’s corporate journey reflected and proven a demonstrable expertise in driving organisational turnaround and growth. He has also served in a global capacity in the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Advertisers as Region Vice President for Africa, alongside other global CMOs and CEOs from 2011-16.


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