HASG expresses regret over ADVAN’s withdrawal, assures of reconciliation

By Felicia Nwosu

Sequel to the Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) withdrawing its membership from the Heads of Advertising Sectorial Group (HASG), the association, through its Chairman Femi Adelusi, has reacted to this significant decision with deep regrets.

ADVAN’s decision to withdraw stems from its displeasure with the diverse regulations recently introduced by the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON). These regulations have been a point of contention for ADVAN, leading to their exit from HASG.

In response, Adelusi conveyed HASG’s regret over ADVAN’s departure, emphasizing the critical role of HASG in ensuring resolutions through regular consultations. He explained that the sectoral umbrella has been actively engaging with ARCON to address the impacts of the new ARCON Act, social media regulations, and the reconstitution of the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP).

“Last week the HASG had a meeting with ARCON and the DG obliged on the need to work together as stakeholders to review various aspects of the regulation. ADVAN was briefed on the outcome of that meeting and even expressed willingness to consider withdrawing the current court case that ADVAN has with ARCON. The timing of this exit is thus surprising coming at a time when we are making progress with ARCON on these issues.”

Adelusi reaffirmed HASG’s commitment to finding solutions through active negotiation and dialogue. “Our approach is to engage, discuss, and dialogue until we reach amicable resolutions promptly. We assure ADVAN that HASG remains dedicated to finding enduring paths to progress. Let us work together to build a sustainable and thriving marketing communication industry,” he concluded.

The withdrawal of ADVAN from heads of the sectoral group underscores the ongoing challenges within the Nigerian advertising sector and the necessity for continued collaboration and dialogue to ensure industry stability and growth.


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